I just got a new corgi puppy yesterday and name him Tator Tot aka Tator for short. He looks just like my 1st corgi I had named Spud. The people I bought him from paper trained him and I'm going to try to crate train him like I did with Spud. I bought Spud from a pet store so he was used to just going in a the cage and I had him crate trained in 2 weeks. So I'm hoping I can get Tator crate trained to where he knows he has to go outside. Is there any way I can get the process to go faster or will it typically take 2 weeks? Another problem is that he hates his collar and walking on a leash. I take him outside and he just lays down or fights to walk with it. How can I get him to break this habit? Thank you for any opinions you may have!

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I would put the collar on and just leave it on, he will get used to it. With the leash, I would start by attaching it to his collar and letting him drag it around the house. Once he's used to that, then I would pick up the end and follow him around a bit. Once he's comfortable with the leash inside I would take him outside and use very small treats to lure him along if necessary.


As far as the training, are you talking about crate training or potty training? And how old is Tator? You might be able to crate train him in two weeks, but if he's just a puppy he's probably going to take quite a bit longer to be 100% potty trained.

i've been doing the leash thing. I did that for a couple hours today and then took it off. I took him oustide with it still on his collar and let him walk around. He really doesn't like walking around outside for some reason. Probably just needs to get used to us I guess.

Yeah, I was planning on doing the crate training. I did that with Spud and he was about 3 months old when I got him. Tator is about the same age as Spud when I got him, so I'm hoping it works. We laid paper down because the breeder we got him from had paper in a huge cage with him and his other 5 brothers. I'm going to put him in his cage tonight when I go to bed and specifically told my mom not to let him out when he wimpers.


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