Hey everyone!


My Daisie comes home very soon and this weekend is the shopping weekend to prepare.  I know the basics: crate, food, gates, floor cleaner, leash/collar, dishes but I wanted to see if anyone had any special suggestions that helped transition their puppy or anything like that.


Daisie will be 9 and 1/2 weeks old when we bring her home.


Also, and food suggestions would be great, I: am leaning toward Blue Buffalo, but any other insight is appreciated!



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Congrats Sam! Here's a list from an old discussion, read and re-read the FAQ, it'll make your life a lot easier.
A digital camera with empty SD card and ready at all times! AS they have such cute moments and are so photogenic. They grow up very fast every week if you look at past pictures you will be able to see the changes. Once they hit a year you will want to look back... when i did i wished i had my camera ready for often.
I would feed whatever the breeder was feeding and slowly transition to what you want to use. Take photos, spend all the time you can with the furry one.

I am using Merrick's Puppy Plate for my little boy.  Are you familiar with a product called

"Kids'N Pets", it is great for cleaning and removing the odor.  It does it so well that they

don't realize that they had used that place before.  He has grown really well. 

Chew toys, lots and lots of puppy chew toys. Corgis are chewers!!! Make sure "Everything" is off the floor, and that all cords are not reachable. We lost two laptops thanks to puppy chew-ness.  Toys should be durable but "for puppies".  I think Kong makes puppy toys.

Don't bother buying beds or blankets - they will get destroyed.  A worn towel or old blanket are best (and they will smell like you and your family).

I use "taste of the wild" food, but it can be hard to find.  I've heard Blue Buffalo is good and they have lots of different kinds.

Congrats and good luck.

Lots of photos.  Pup will change fast.  Do you know how a lot of that black changes to red during the first year?

Be very deliberate about training; plan your work and work your plan.

Lots of extra paper towels. You'll be consistantly cleaning up some sort of mess.You'll also want a pooper scooper if you have a yard. Plus, extra blankets so you can rotate them out for regular or emergency laundering. I got those thin fleece blankets from Walgreens 2/$10 and they work great as dog blankies.



Also deodorizer for the accidents!
I agree about having lots of paper towels handy, it seems they would always be into something and I would have to run for a paper towel.  (Especially while you are potty training her).  And a camara.  They grow so fast you won't believe it.  So take lots of pictures!  And be prepare to have your heart stolen and your days filled with lots of love and laughter!  Corgis are the best!!
Congratulations.....You are on your way to a wonderful and marvelous adventure.  I have had Munchkin for 6 wks and every day is some thing new.  Keep camera in the room with the pup so you never have to go looking for it. You will be tempted at every turn to buy a new toy, shopping mall,grocery store, everywhere and anywhere. So I decided that every time I break a dollar or a five I keep the change in a separate jar, in a few days you will be surprised how much can accumulate.  I kept my change in my coat pocket and every time I saw something I bought it LOL. I got some really cool chew toys in a pet store for like $1 or $2 and they are still in one piece, so if she destroys it, it is not a big deal.  You are about to be amazed......hold on for a wonderful ride....Oh the feeling to be owned by a corgi!!!

I can't remember exactly when teething will be going on, but it was really helpful to my two puppies (4 and 5 years ago) to have washcloths that were wet, wrung out, and then frozen for when the puppy gums are sore from teething...they loved chewing on the frozen towels...I think it soothed the pain a bit.


I'm so excited for you! 


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