Not corgi related, but I need some advice with some kittens I found.

I was walking Vivi in the park this morning, and I found a pair of adorable black and white kittens. They were obviously abandoned, with no mom in sight. It was a huge ordeal getting them back home since I don't have the car or a small enough kennel, but I was able to carry the squirmy kittens all the way home. One of them is very skinny, and the other is better looking. I gave them a little bit of milk since they seem young enough, and the skinny one just lapped it up. I also gave them some plain water, and some dog food mixed with water. Is this okay for them for now? Of course I will buy some kitten food once my husband comes home with the car.

Also, is anyone in the Phoenix area looking for some kittens? They're so cute, and actually seem well socialized with people. Dogs.. not so much. One of them freaked out when I took it near Vivi to try to take it home. I had to take Vivi all the way home, then go and get the kitties. One of them is more timid but still sweet, and the other is always purring and cuddling.

This is the one that is more laid back and calm.

This is the purring cuddler who can't stay still, lol.

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Also, I wanted to ask if kitten bites can become infected as older cat bites can. One of them bit me a few times when he/she was scared of Vivi. It was my mistake and they have been all love since then, but I want to know if there's any danger for me. I've heard of cat scratches and bites being very bad in some cases, but these are just kittens. I guess I'll find out..
First, the food: MANY (but not all) dogs and cats are lactose-intolerant, so milk can give them the runs. I would stick to some dog food in the very short term, until you can get kitten food. Dog food generally has much less protein and not enough taurine for cats, so it's not ok for even a few days, but for the time til your husband comes home with the car, that is the safer bet rather than milk.

As far as bites, you should flush it out thoroughly and definitely apply antibiotic salve and cover. Since they are strays, I would probably call a doctor and ask if they want to see you, or just want you to keep an eye on it. If you have not had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years you may need one. Cat bites most often become infected.

And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they will need to be watched for signs of rabies since you were bitten. :-(
Thanks Beth. I understand the risk of rabies of course. They haven't shown any signs at all but I'll keep an eye out. I think it would be rare in this area, but still possible I guess.

I believe I got a tetanus shot in early 2006 when I went to New Orleans to help clean up.

I only gave a little milk, and they haven't pooed yet. Not sure how it will work since I don't have a litter box.

They seem to be at the age where they would be weaned and given to a new home, so it's probably about time for their rabies shots anyway. I don't know who left the poor things out there in the park, but someone brought some water and bread crumbs for them, which they were not eating. Honestly, I don't think they were out too long. The 110 degree weather here probably would have killed them within a couple days.

By the way, I think they're both female after looking at some websites about sexing kittens.
Just to let you know, when one of our cats at work bit someone because he was protecting the little kitty....after the doctor visit we got a call from the humane society and Max was in Kitty Jail. It included 3 trips to the vet to be checked out over a two week period. We were able to keep him because we had proof of his shots, if not we would have had to let the humane society take him. I would be sure to keep it very clean and watch the bite very closely!! I had a cat of my own bite me at the vet while getting a shot and the vet wanted to be sure that I watched it very closely!!! Any red lines for sure get to the ER!!
While you are picking up cat food tonight, you should probably also pick up a wormer, or call your vet for some kitten wormer to give them. It should only cost around $5. We recently brought home 2 stray kittens, and that was about the only thing our vet was really worried about and insisted that we have done. Good luck finding them homes!!
Ok. I just called the vet for a price to take them in. It would be $45 per kitten including shots and deworming I believe she said. She told me I could just have one kitten evaluated and treated then the other one treated the same.

It's not that much, but unfortunately this is a bad time for us. We're on a really tight budget. I'm going to ask my husband.

He's asking around at his work if anyone wants a kitten or two, so if anyone wants them right away, we will let them take care of the costs I guess. But we'll get the wormer. Is it like a pill or treat type thing, or liquid?
My vet gave them liquid wormer. We took in the momma and her two kittens and our vet evaluated the mom, but did not charge for the kittens. They gave them liquid wormer at the office, then I called in a couple weeks later and they let me come pick up a second dose for both at $4. You may be able to just pick up kitten wormer from a local farm store or ask your vet if you can just stop in to pick up wormer. If you weigh the kittens, the vet can calculate the correct dose for you
If you have a can of chicken broth you can feed them that, I would hold off any more cow's milk for now. They do sell kitten formula at the pet store but they look old enough that they'll be fine on dry food. Since you don't have a litter pan for now you can get a box and shred some newspaper, a lot of times they'll go in that. 45$ per kitten for shots and worming seems pretty reasonable so I'd take them in to the vet. Clean your bite area really really well and put antibiotic ointment. I got bitten by a feral mother cat and it was very deep and my finger was swollen twice its normal size so I went on penicillin to keep from it getting infected. Adult cat bites are puncture wounds that can be VERY deep, which is one of the reasons they can so easily get infected. A kitten bite has a smaller risk of infection but that risk is still there so be sure to apply antibiotic ointment. Also, as mentioned, the risk of rabies also exists so the cats need to be monitored for any signs of illness.
I washed with dish soap and hand soap, then poured peroxide over it. I put neosporin on the bites and covered the deeper one with a band-aid. Hopefully that will take care of it... Well, I have health insurance if anything happens.

The shredded newspaper is a good idea.. I'm trying it out. I just don't have a good container for it. The one I'm trying to use is an aluminum tin and it scares the kittens because of the sounds it makes when they step on it.
You could also use a large tupperware container or a cardboard box
I'll see what I have..
Thanks for rescuing them. If you need help with the vet email me I can probably pay for one to be checked out, I am sure the vet can take a payment over the phone.


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