i need help with this problem and will take any advice. my cat has taken upon him self to pee in random spots all over my new apartment!! its so gross i have no clue why hes doing this! i will catch him in the act or find a random spot where he just pees and i dont know how to get him to stop :( i clean the spots with pinsol and then once it drys i put carpet freshener on the spot and let it sit then vacuum it up. his cat box is always clean and once a week i dump out the old cat litter and wash it out in the tub with soap so he has a clean cat box. i have seen a few stray cats but not a long time and they are not spraying around the apartment. his favorite spot to pee is on my bathroom rug so i have to keep the door shut otherwise he rushes in there to pee on it -__- they put in brand new carpet for us before we moved in and i dont want him ruin it.

any advice? he did this once at the other apartment when i lived in AR and i asked the vet i worked for and we had him tested for any infections and came up with nothing

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I would check him for a UTI. If he's not neutered, he might be marking his new digs. Maybe confining him when you are gone will help. Bad kitty!!

I agree with what Karen said.  The only time I have had male cats do that was before they were altered, had a UTI or were going into kidney failure.

My cat had cystitis and was doing the same thing.  The vet had me change to wet food and gave him some meds to clear it up.  That seemed to do the trick.  So no more dry food for him.  This was one of my previous cats, sadly not with us anymore.

I agree with everyone that you should have him checked for a uti. Where is his litter box in the new place? He might not think it is a safe place. Same litter? I would add another box in a cat safe space. When I first moved to this apartment I had multiple litter boxes set up. After Mokey settled in I was able to have just one in the laundry room. If someone comes to stay for a day or more I will add a box to the bedroom, her safe room.
Other cats may not have to spray to upset him. Just seeing certain cats out the window freaks my car out.
I would get some Natures Miracle too, it will get rid of he smell better than pine sol. Good luck.

i just called the vet here and she said it sounds like its a territory thing rather than a UTI. i have seen several cats walk by are patio yesterday and then early this morning so i may have not have seen them before but he sure has.

i have been mixing two types of cat litter because in the apartment as u can smell whenever he goes potty :/ he has only one cat box so i will get another one and hopefully that helps. i have heard good things about natures miracle so i wil pick that up as well as pinsol seems to make him wanna keep visiting those spots

I have a male neutered cat who does this too.  Any change in his routine sets him off.  Anything new...unfortunately I really haven't found anything to help. He doesn't have kidney failure or UTI's...just marks to decrease stress I guess.  I did buy Comfort Zone- you can get it at PetSmart or Amazon...it's a spray you can use around your house, or a plug in that releases a steady stream of pheromes, which is like a hormone that helps decrease their stress.  I also tried Prozac for a while on him, but after losing close to three fingers when he figured out what I was doing every night, I gave up.  I asked the vet if I could just take the Prozac so I didn't care he was spraying... LOL.

Both helped a little, but what really helps the most is just time and lots of extra love.

LOL after seeing him do this i wouldnt mind taking it as well! jk its so frustrating as he neutered. i do have a hormone spray but it dosnt seem to work that well or maybe im just not using it enough. i will try spraying it around the apartment once a day and see if that helps

In tune with Jennifer's post, Sargeants makes a calming collar for both dogs and cats.  It's an all natural product...Max actually got hold of it, chewed it up and I called the company in a panic.  They were quick to assure me that it wasn't harmful.  But I digress....I have a cat who gets these panic attacks is the best way to describe them.  Not often but she is a very skittish cat to start and sometimes her little brother...aka Satan's Spawn....drives her nuts and she goes into constant hiding mode.  The collar works quickly and effectively  and has her out of hiding and much calmer.  After a couple of days I can remove the collar and she is fine will the next time which is usually a couple of months down the road.

And I have to say I was happy with Sargeants response.  I called, got an automated menu and choose the one for animal emergency.  A vet came right on the line, she was quick to answer my questions and reassure me.  They did a follow up phone call 2 days later and then sent me a letter.

thats reassuring as we all know how dogs love to chew up things lol. baden and yoda play all the time so its good to know if he licks the collar when playing it wont hurt him

I don't have much experience with cats, but cleaning with Pinesol is not a good idea with dogs.  It's toxic and also smells not much different than urine, being ammonia based.  I would use an enzyme based cleaner specific for pet odor.  My friend has multiple cats and swears by Precious Cat Attract litter:


May be worth putting it in a second litterbox and placing it in the bathroom where he already likes to go.  Good luck with it!


pinsol is toxic?? wow i had no clue :( when working at the vets office we always used pinsol to clean the cages where the dogs stayed. no wonder they always peeded on everything. is that litter great at covering up odor? living in an apartment its hard to hide the cat box smell at times

Don't know about the covering up odor part, it is especially attractive so cats are less likely to pee elsewhere.  I use that same brand in the cheaper version (the blue bag) and we used it in our Suburban when we traveled cross Country.  The cat is crated for 3 days with his litter box.  We did not smell anything offensive in the car and I only cleaned it out the evening of the second day.  This was with windows mostly closed and the air conditioning going, so not bad at all for such a small area.


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