i need help with this problem and will take any advice. my cat has taken upon him self to pee in random spots all over my new apartment!! its so gross i have no clue why hes doing this! i will catch him in the act or find a random spot where he just pees and i dont know how to get him to stop :( i clean the spots with pinsol and then once it drys i put carpet freshener on the spot and let it sit then vacuum it up. his cat box is always clean and once a week i dump out the old cat litter and wash it out in the tub with soap so he has a clean cat box. i have seen a few stray cats but not a long time and they are not spraying around the apartment. his favorite spot to pee is on my bathroom rug so i have to keep the door shut otherwise he rushes in there to pee on it -__- they put in brand new carpet for us before we moved in and i dont want him ruin it.

any advice? he did this once at the other apartment when i lived in AR and i asked the vet i worked for and we had him tested for any infections and came up with nothing

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thank you for the info. i read all the reviews and only one person (i think out of a hundred) gave it a one star. i will for sure order this and hope it helps along with another litter box. i talked to the owner the apartment complex and she said that the people around here are feeding the stray cats so thats why there is so many around here

Everyone deserves a good meal :-)

Does the bath mat have a rubber back? Sounds funny but there was something about that smell that set off one of my cats. He would always pee on it. Drove me nuts until I switched to a non rubber backed mat.

As for cleaning, Nature's Miracle makes an Urine Destroyer that is amazing. http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Miracle-Urine-Destroyer-Quart/dp/B003...

It really great rid of the urine smell.

yes its does! for the life of me coudnt understand why he wanted to pee on that so bad but that makes sense. maybe something in the rubber? looks like its off to the pet store for some supplies

As others have said rule out a UTI. If his urine comes back clean there are a few other things you can try. First use an enzymatic cleaner to clean up, such as Nature's Miracle. This will get rid of all the urine scent so he won't go back to that place again. Next buy a Feliway diffuser. It is a calming phermone that you plug in the wall, humans can't smell it. I have a cat that sprays inside when there are changes or stress in the house. I recently moved to a new house that had a resident cat and was really worried about how my first cat would react. I put a diffuser in the living room and he has not marked once since we moved. I buy mine on Amazon. From Petsmart or a vet they usually run $40-$50 for the diffuser and one refill. Online you can probably get them for closer to $30. A refill usually lasts 2 months or so. I have just kept mine plugged in since it has no scent but is clearly helping. I bought 2 refills on Amazon for about $20 I think (can't remember). 

I have a cat who gets stress-induced UTI's and she'll pee everywhere, including on the kitchen counters :(.   I have tried absolutely everything made (I think!) by now, including Nature's Miracle, Simple Solution, Ewww, peroxide, vinegar, and crying (just kidding).    Here's what worked for me:

Comfort Zone plug-ins.  They are not cheap, but they do work far far better than the sprays as it is a constant stream of happy pheromones.  You can also give a wee spritz around the windows or doors where you've seen other cats pass by, just for good measure.  But the plugins are golden.

Rescue Remedy in the water or in the food.  Get the kind made for pets

Dumb Cat----this is the ONLY product I have found that actually does anything toward breaking up the urine crystals.   They sell it in Petsmart and Petco.   Everything else I tried she ended up going back to the spot.   Unlike a lot of other things too it can be used after you've tried other things.   So, if you clean up the pee, and douse it with white vinegar, or rug cleaner, then you spray this, it will still work.  

Dr Elsey's Cat Attract litter---again, not cheap, but if he is at all avoiding the litter box, this makes him want to use it.

Good luck.  It's good he doesn't have any health issues associated.   But behavioral things are always a challenge.


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