hello! i have a 11month old male corgi. hes a great dog very loving and all around good dog, although he does not listen. to "come" "drop it" "stay" etc. ive had his hearing check and he hears perfectly fine. hes been to doggie training class, we went for 10 weeks. ive diligently worked with him, using all the techniques i learned in class. but no luck. its gotten to the point where he needs to be on a leash constantly while hes in the house. does anyone have any advice on what i can try to help get this under control. he also has a bad habbit of jumping n bitting!

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Try reading over the information in the link provided. He is not respecting you. With out seeing how you are working w/him and how you go about the commands is hard to give advise specially since you've taken classes. You may want to look into getting some one on one instruction in your home.
What kind of training did you have? Was it clicker training, leash correction, prong collar, shock collar...?

Has your dog ever been punished for being called to you? Punishment can be a number of things (anything the dog does NOT enjoy) like being put in a crate, given a bath, had his nails clipped, hit, yelled at, kicked, leash jerked, sprayed with water, shocked, loud noises thrown at him until he called, throw chains... etc. This can create a fearful dog and make the association of you calling him with negative things that he believes are punishment.

What types of things do you teach your dog that are appropriate to do? Telling a dog "no" all the time isn't teaching the dog what you want instead. You need to show them and reward them when they do something you like.
Oz had a very sevre neck injury at 3mos old. so i cannot put a metal collar on him. i have tried the clicker, and leash correction. i do not punish him. he only goes into his crate at bedtime (on his own) hes NEVER been hit, kicked or anything like that. when he does listen i reward him with a piece of chicken or something yummy. but he has a mind of his own. ive tried leaving the leash on him in the house and whne he doesn't listen by the second time i get the leash and show him the correct way. but hes gone thru about 5-7 leashes. i just cannot get him to listen, its very fustrating. but i am being patient and working with him on a daily basis. hes getting better with leaving things alone when i say "leave it" its a very slow start but i have high hopes.

thank you for your advice!
Leave it has to be taught really, really slowly. If you can't afford a trainer you may want to think about purchasing the book:

Family Friendly Dog Training - A Six Week Program For You and Your Dog

I'm glad you aren't using a prong/choke collar. They don't teach the dog what is appropriate behavior anyway since most people just go around yanking the heck out of the dog.

If he's chewing up the leashes you should not let him walk around with the leash on him, or TIE the leash to your belt loop so you're always watching him and can reward him for good behavior. Get Lupine leashes so that when he chews up a leash you can send it in for a free replacement.

It sounds like he's getting too much freedom too quickly. If you can't watch him you need to keep him in an x-pen or crate.
Ofelia does this sometimes as well. I would say she listens to my commands 85 or 90 percent of the time. And I'm fine with that. I always have her on a leash when she's outside so that she can't get away from me. I no longer have problems with her inside the house. I wonder what it could be. When you give a command, how many times do you repeat yourself? Try not to repeat yourself too often and only praise if he responds immediately. You might want to try turning your back to him if he tries jumping on you. And when Ofelia bites me while we play, I say "Ow!" and stop playing with her. She gets the point and resumes play gently. Sometimes they get carried away.


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