My 12 weeks corgi Tucker has been really good about letting me know when he has to potty by just going to the door and waiting for me to let him out. I don't know what it is, but when I lay down a blanket he wants to pee on it. I noticed it when I first got him so I removed the blankets from his bed....well we had no potty mistakes in about 10 days so I decided to bring the blanket out (after I doused  it with Tide and washed it) and the first thing he did was pee on it.....I'm just curious what he associates with his blanket that makes him want to pee on it.

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My cats have this thing of peeing on anything blanket-like, ever. Even if it's new and cannot possibly smell of cat piss. The thing is, once they peed on it and I have washed it thoroughly with vinegar, Ace gets "interested" in it as well. Has Tucker ever peed on the blanket before you tried again? If so, he could be smelling previous accidents on it, despite your efforts.

He peed on a different one...I thought it may be the color of the blanket. I bought a brown and caramel blanket...He did it on the brown blanket the first time...then I washed it and he did it again about a week later on the same one....So I brought out the caramel colored blanket (which he hasn't peed on) and then he relieved himself on it. The first time I brought him on my bed he peed on the blanket (different blanket) on the bed....I'm going to just assume a no blanket policy for the time being lol

We had a little issue with this with Tobi (Who's now 13 weeks and growing!) After just washing a couple times with the same problem, We doused the blankets with a vinegar/detergent combo and do a double rinse. He hasn't hinted at doing it since (although he now chooses the tile floor in desperation, but that's a different battle). I've heard mixed reviews about the vinegar, but it seemed to work with us. Worth a shot!

I have the same problem with Sheldon he really really love's to pee on blanket. He doesn't do it on his blanket in his crate but anything out side of there is a pee hazard. He actully peed on my blanket about 20 min ago ( i'm not very happy ! ) but yeah .. no blanket / bed / anything comfy for now !

good luck! 

LOL. We have had no potty accidents so far beside the blanket incident. I use to keep a blanket in his crate for when he goes to bed but I noticed he would push it out of the way. I guess he likes the cooler bottom of the crate....the blanket must make him feel hotter lol.

I wonder if he was pee pad trained by the breeder.


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