The Humane Society of North Iowa,, has a male corgi listed in their adoptable dogs. This is a no kill shelter. He was found as a stray and has been in two homes since then. If you lost this guy, take a look.

You can go to, click on adoptable animals and then choose dogs. He was taken in July 3 so is near the bottom of the list.

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I hope this the right one???? He's sooooo handsome!

Shadow: Corgi, Dog; Mason City, IAEnlarge Photo


Corgi:                 An adoptable                                dog                                 in                 Mason City, IA

                Small                 •                Adult                  •                Male             

A new arrival at the shelter, I've recently just finished an incredible journey of self-discovery. Of course, only I know what that truly is. But I am willing to share some of it. Originally found in a cemetery, the groundskeeper had seen me for four days in a row. It is unknown whether or not I had lost my owner and went there to feel closer or if I had simply lost my own way. Whatever the situation, it was determined that I was deserving of human companionship. A plea for my adoption was made through the social network. It was quickly answered by a gal who also had a Corgi. From the moment I entered that house, it was apparent that the 14 year old resident dog wanted nothing to do with me. She growled, nipped, and did whatever she could to make it known that there would be no sharing of her owner. In short, she wanted me out of there. So off I went, to yet another home. I liked the boxer, I liked the kids, and the cats were...vvv

Yes, he is the one. I haven't checked lately to see if he is still there.


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