Every morning Simon and my pit mix Josie snuggle on my bed, and the MINUTE I go to get my camera, Simon jumps up and starts bouncing all over the place!

I have a digital camera, so it makes a 'whirr' noise when I turn it on. I've tried going into another room to do that though, and he STILL jumps up the minute I get ready to snap a picture.

I've let him sniff the camera off, on, and WHILE turning it off and on, so he knows it's not some scary thing.

I don't understand. Josie LOVES having her picture taken -- she just sits there and poses like a princess. My other dog that passed away, Beckett, he was a camera hog -- he would 'smile' and everything.

But not this guy -- he's just NOT having it!

I can't even sneak UP on him! This morning, both dogs were sitting at my mom's feet. They were sitting about a foot apart, in the same exact position. It was too cute. So I get the camera, and sneak behind them, and the minute I get ready, that was it -- he moved. It's like he KNOWS!!!!

All I want is a cute pose of the two of them, but the darn corgi ruins it EVERY time!!!!

Any advice? Is this a corgi thing, or is it just MY dog????

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Guess what? I got some good photos last night, of them playing and sitting nice!!!!! I let Simon 'investigate' the camera for a few mintues (took it away when he tried to EAT IT!), and then I got some shots! I will post them tomorrow or Monday (have to work all day today)!
Yay, looking forward to seeing the pictures!
Don't have any advice on getting him to sit but maybe you should get a cam-corder I'd love to see the video of all his antics. Maybe he feels he's for the big screen and wants to be an action hero. Maybe with time he will behave better, maybe take pictures even if they are great it may help him get used to having his picture taken. Good luck.
Good luck. Ella is absolutely adorable when the camera is off. Once on she has to watch it and will just sit or stare at it. I have lots of picts of her looking right at the camera, and very few of anything else.
My trick is to hold the treat near the camera len and tell her 'wait'.


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