Just in case you missed it, here's Bond, The Queen and the corgis: Monty, 13, and Holly, 9 :)

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We loved this, so happy the Corgis were included. Didn't they look cute?

That was soo cool! XD

We were WAITING and WAITING for corgis in the opening ceremonies! So happy!

OMG, Corgis are the cutest dogs in the world. I never thought I'd see the day when there'd be Corgis in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Way to go...Arooom!

The Brits can be a bit stuffy and formal, but they do have this rich spoofing tradition. I'll bet the Queen loved this.
Is that REALLY Monty and Holly? Or stunt doubles?

Husband saw an interview with Danny Boyle (director of video and opening ceremonies.)  Boyle said that those really WERE Monty, Holly and Willow (all three royal corgwyn) and that they (and the Queen) only required ONE TAKE to get the video filmed!


Boyle was very complimentary and impressed!

I find it interesting that the dorgi's weren't included. Are they now tucked under the rug?

Very cute! I was hoping they'd show the corgis. But I'm very disappointed that one of the dogs is obese. She should be setting a good example...


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