I need some advice on it. I'm brushing Freya's teeth at least 1 a week...maybe more if I feel froggy. I'm concerned about her teeth as I know how important they are so here are my two questions:

Are there any good treats or liquids I could give her to help keep the plaque down? And can anyone recommend a good insurance that includes oral health care that isn't too expensive?

Thank you.

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I couldn't tell you about insurance. But Nutri-Vet puts out a liquid that can be added to Freya's water and does a nice job of fighting tartar and plaque, as well as keeps breath fresh. We carry it at PetSmart.
Ah, thank you for the suggestion!
Our dogs are fed mostly raw meat (bought frozen from a local company) plus a very small amount of kibble -- something like a tablespoon per 1/2 cup of ground meat.
I believe -- not totally sure -- that their breath got bad and their teeth got dirtier as the proportion of kibble increased.
My vet just recommended the Chlor-Hexadine chews, give 1-2 a week. Be sure to never leave them alone while chewing a rawhide--I had to pull two out of my golden retreiver/springer spaniel mix in the past, and just had to pull one out of my newfoundlands throat this past week.
I use VetsLife oral care gel. It's a minty gel with salmon oil and who knows what that you wipe on the teeth. I use it once a day in spite of the label which says twice a day. I just cut a 4X4 gauze pad into 4ths and put some gel on the pad, wipe one side of the mouth, add more gel and wipe the other side. Not their very favorite thing to do but they tolerate it. It does a good job. I don't use it all the time, just if I notice the tartar starting to build up, then I use it for a couple of weeks straight. Got it from the vet.
Not sure how effective these things we use are, but Potus had his yearly check up last month and the vet said he had very good teeth. We don't brush his teeth as he's always been resistant to people putting things in his mouth. Instead he gets Greenies, DentaBones and a rope we buy from our local supermarket that is said to act like floss (and smells minty). He also chews on the knuckles of marrow bones. Maybe some of these chewable things can supplement the teeth brushing.


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