I usually buy Orijen Adult formula and Shiro loves it, never has any issues.

Last time I went to the pet store the formula was "new and improved", with more protein. I bought a bag and oh my god, he's been having loose stool ever since, for about a week now, and it seems like it's getting worse. I am so tired of wiping his fuzzy butt every time he goes to the bathroom (about 2x a day)!

Has anybody tried this new formula already? Here's what it looks like



If this doesn't stop or at least improve in a couple days I'm going to have to switch the food. I don't think I should be paying that much money for a food that gives my dog stomach problems.

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Mocha did NOT do well on it, terrible gas, loose stool. 

He had too much protein in his urine, casts, so we've discontinued the Orijen. 


Vienna is fine, firm poop.

It is probably the increased protein that is causing the loose stools. Its too bad they didn't warn you about the switch so you could slowly introduce the new bag. Maybe mix some canned pumpkin, rice, or boiled potato in with the food for a few days to help his tummy. I worry about feeding a food with SUPER high protein because it can be tough on the kidneys. You will likely see loose stool at this point from any food you switch too just because you weren't able to do the gradual adjustment, but if it were me I'd probably switch to a lower protein food. I've read a lot of reviews on new high protein foods (like Wellness Core) that caused MAJOR health issues as a result of too much protein. I'd search for a happy medium of good organic food with  just a bit less protein,  maybe around 25-30%? I'm always wary of being the guinnea pig for a new product on the market :-)

I agree. I think I'm going to exchange it to a bag of Red Meat Formula instead. That's what he has for the past 2 months and did well on it, but too expensive. Wellness Core has less protein than the new Orijen, I'm thinking of switching to that.

Thanks for reminding about the kidneys, that's a good point!

Thanks guys! I was afraid that Shiro had super sensitive stomach, but it's good to know that he's not the only one with that issue. He's on rice/chicken diet now, tomorrow I'm taking that bag back to the store. 

I really thought I was feeding him the best food there was, now I have to go find something else.

What do you feed your corgis?

I feed Wilderness by Blue Buffalo, Salmon formula. It is pretty high protein and grain free and Franklin does well on it. Its about $44 for a 20ish pound bag.


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