Moose is a 10week old corgi that we have had for 2 weeks. We are crate training him and take him to our balcony to pee on wee wee pads every 2hrs, after meals, after playing and after naps. We also take him on longer walks twice a day to get him exercise and outside playtime. What do you do if he sometimes barks and pees in his crate after we immediately put him in? The crate is always in the room we are hanging out in (bedroom at night and living room during day). This even occurs even after he has urinated 5 minutes ago. I feel like the barking is his way of complaining for being placed in the crate and then he urinates in the crate to show us he is not happy. Or is the barking his way of telling us he needs to go to the bathroom. We tried bringing him outside when he barks in the crate but most of the time he just fake pees which I think is his way of trying to get a treat from us (we give him treats when he pees on balcony/outside. I know we are expecting too much for a 10week old puppy. But what do you guys suggest we do/correct? We need some direction. 

Other things we tried:

1. We tried giving him Yak treats to keep him busy in his crate which he loves but doesn't stop him from peeing in his crate. 

2. More walks outside.

3. More one on one playtime/ learning tricks with us. 

4. We enrolled him in puppy training in January.

5. We started taking him to puppy playgroup (one session so far).

6. Shortened the length of his crate so he can only lie down and turn around.

7. Nature's miracle to clean crate and laundry towels he urinates on.



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Puppies don't pee out of spite. My guess is he needs to potty. If he barks I'd take him out and let him do his business, and then put him right back in the crate if you can't watch him.

Moose is still a wee little baby....he will have to relieve himself often.  I agree with Jane if he barks take him outside.

Hi Kris&Chris! My puppy has been home for 3 weeks and she just turned 12 weeks old. While I don't have issues with her going potty in her crate, I do find that I have to take her out every 30-60 minutes (unless she is sleeping) and even more frequently than that if she is playing pretty hard or just had a meal. 2 hours is a long time for a little baby. I would try taking him outside every 30-45 minutes and see if that helps with him urinating in his crate.

Puppies are like newborns. They will go potty in the crate if your not taking them out enough. I was taking Ein out every 2 hours overnight for a long time. They don't have a ton of bladder control until they reach 4 months old. It's the same for when your gone. We'd have someone come over and take the puppy out every 2 hours when we were gone. When we were home we were taking them out every hour. Also, if your training them to go on puppy pads don't put one in the crate. This just confuses them. They think they are allowed to pee on the pads, but you put a pad in the crate so they think it's a place to pee. We never used puppy pads since they make potty training more difficult. GL!

Honestly, it's not your fault or that you're doing something wrong. Some puppies just take longer to potty train even when you're doing everything correct.

My first corgi, Chucky, oh my gosh, it took forever to potty train.

I understand what you mean when you feel like they're doing it on purpose. When he was a puppy, if I was in the bathroom without him, he would pee right in front of the bathroom door. I come out and there's a big wet spot that's still warm waiting for me. I'm yelling at my sister that why didn't she take the dog out to pee and she's like she already took him out to do his business just 5 minutes ago.

The first time I crated Chucky, he pooped and peed and slept on his poop with his face in it. I was like uhhhhhhh.......supposedly dogs don't pee or poop where they sleep? That's what all my resources say, sooooooooooo what do they call this then? And the crate was just only big enough for him to turn around in.

I guess he didn't enjoy that experience because he got a bath for having a stinky face so, after that he would poop and pee at the back of the crate but, he would lift the mattress pad up, poop and pee and cover it up.

And I don't react angrily to these incidents. I just cleaned it up and washed everything thoroughly. He liked watching me cleaning up too. He would follow me around and sit and watch.

Finally, right before he turned a year old something just clicked and he got it. Go figure!

Recently, I just got a puppy, Freddy, and I feel like he came to me potty trained at 8 weeks. We just had to established where it was OK for him to go and he goes where he's supposed to go. He has slept throughout the night ever since the first night we brought him home. Now, at 13 weeks all I have to do is leave the sliding glass door to the backyard open so he could come and go freely and if he needs to go, he'll just take himself out to the backyard to do his business. I don't need to be taking him out constantly. I don't even need to be there. He takes himself out.

See? Every dog is different. Chucky it took almost a year to potty train, Freddy, he just needed to know where it was OK to go.

When I was crate training Reginald I had a full sized crate that I couldn't adjust for him. What I did was put his bed in the back of the crate and the puppy pad in front. I think that helped because he realized that if he messed in there then he wouldn't be able to sit at the front of the gate. I used to have to take Reg out at least every 30 minutes at first. Gradually it became an hour. Now he can hold it while I'm gone to work/class and when I'm home it's usually every 3 hours that he's wanting out.

How long would you say he's in the crate during the day? I left Reginald out unless I had to go into town or it was bedtime. He learned pretty quickly that those times he was in there meant that no one would be there to let him out. It got to the point he was actually shredding the puppy pads and wanted nothing to do with them.

As far as the treats, wean him off of him. We used to give Reg a treat every time he went outside and it got to the point he wanted to just walk outside and come back in because he thought that meant he'd get a Milkbone. I got it down to every other time he went outside. Now he just goes outside because he feels better afterwards. 

He turned 9 months old the other day and I now let him sleep up with me at night. Haven't had an accident in the house in probably four months now. 

I would guess the barking is wanting to go out or wanting attention. In my experience, if Reg wanted something he would bark (still does - and makes Chewbacca noises). Depending on if he can see you guys, if he's in the crate and can see you moving around, he's going to want out with you. Reg barks and whines if I have to put him in his crate for anything and he can see me moving around. They're very loyal dogs and want to be with their owners 24/7.

Just give him time. He'll grow out of it. Just keep working with him. :) 

Just in case, you might want to get him tested for a UTI.  I had issues with my pup also at that age.  It turned out she had a UTI, which makes them have to pee even more than usual and they really don't have much control.  Even if they are trying to be good, they can't help it.  Once we got that cleared up it, potty training was smoth sailing. :)


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