So Marshall's all-Pem sister Leela is staying with us for three days, and I'm already at my wits end! She came over last night, and Marshall has been peeing everywhere. He hasn't had an accident in about 3 weeks, so he's been doing awesome for potty training so far. Leela has been really good too. However, today Marshall has peed in my apartment three times (once in circles alllllll the way across the living room)! Everytime he has been out within the last half hour and went just fine out there. Any advice? This could be a very long three days otherwise if Marshall keeps this up :( 

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Natures Miracle. Patience. Sense of humor.

And cover everything withing puppy peepee reach with a towel.

Marshall is just marking his territory. Having to go isn't the issue. Boys seem to always have a reserve, just in case they need to make a point. This isn't a problem with a three-day solution. I don't know how old Marshall is, or if he's neutered, but both those things matter. If he is coming into his adolescent hormones he will be doing a lot of this, at least until he's neutered. It is also a behavior, and shouldn't be allowed indoors. If you catch him in the act, startle him big time to stop it mid-stream if you can. Make sure all odors are eliminated, and I do mean all. Odors are what bring pups back to mark again. It isn't really the same as regular potty training, but do continue with the same techniques you use for that. After your visitor leaves, you may  need to start again, but there isn't much you can do in just three days.

My latest rescue had been an outdoor dog for the first five years of his life. House training was no problem. But that dog would mark in the house several times a day for 2 years and I NEVER caught him in the act. So I feel your pain.

He's about 15 weeks old, so I think he's starting to feel his "manly" hormones kicking in now. I startled him once, but most of the time I just find the evidence later. Leela is leaving later tonight, so hopefully he gets a little bit better once she's gone. I'm going to need to borrow a carpet cleaner after this week :( sheesh. 

At 15 weeks he's still a baby, and puppies easily regress with changes in the household. I'd go back to monitoring him 100% of the time and if you can't watch him, put him in his crate or a pen. I doubt he's marking territory at that age, more likely it's just excitement or submissive urination IMO.

Since Leela has left, he hasn't had any more accidents, which is a relief! 


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