I am new to this site.  My son will soon be picking up his new puppy of eight weeks.  He is purchasing her from a breeder in Southeast Missouri.  She has litters once, maybe twice a year.  Has four or five females.  Late this summer she had three litters from three beautiful females.  I believe she has two or three puppies still available.  All others have been sold.

We were recommended to her by someone we met in our area who purchased a Pembroke from her a little over a year ago.  A beautiful little girl she is, for sure.  Healthy, sleek and happy.

She has been sending my son a lot of helpful information about what to expect, vet appointments he should make, and updated photos regularly as Kallie grows.  She is six weeks old right now and he picks her up in two weeks.

Her website is:  http://www.home.earthlink.net/~lkfortin/

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Well I finally got my membership setup.  Angel is so adorable looking, I can't wait for Saturday when I go to get Kallie.  Here is the latest pic Kathy sent me of her, my what big ears she has. :)

Welcome, Kevin.  Kallie looks really sweet in this photo.....

To all, Kevin is my son.  His photo is of little Kallie, the puppy I have been talking about in my posts.

I see her mother's fur at the bottom of the photo.  I'll bet little Kallie is going to be heartbroken when we take her away from her litter.  I always hate having to do that with kittens or puppies.



Thanks, I'm getting very excited for Saturday.

Yes we have a website, www.winddialfarm.com

Nice website.  Love the new litter of puppies.  I think at some point, I would like to get a tri and your little red-headed tris are adorable.  Your breeding females are very nice.  On the alumni page, there is a really cute little black/white young Corgi and another quite young red/white on there.  Most all are gorgeous.  You have good breeding stock, for sure. 

Thanks for sharing.

When shopping at Petsmart one weekend, Kevin and I met a nice young lady holding the leash of a beautiful tri female Corgi.  At that point, we were looking for a good breeder.  When we asked her where she got her Corgi, she said that her mother purchased her from a breeder in Kansas.  We did an online search, but did not come up with your website, unfortunately.

Have you sold any of your puppies to a family in Champaign, Illinois or central Illinois?  We get a lot of shoppers at that area of Champaign from many central Illinois towns/cities.

I think I've sold some up that way but can't recall exactly when.  I got more people from that area when I was still in Missouri, not as much now that we're in Kansas.  SO it could have been someone that got one from me before I moved.  Hard to say though. 

But,,I do have family that lives in Champaign, my great grandmother who passed away a number of years ago and now a some aunts, uncles, cousins. 

Well I got the little girl home on Saturday just fine, and hours of fun ensued. :)


Sleeping on the way home, she was pretty good peed once on my though. :)

Biting my pants leg. :)


I've fallen in love with her in spite of the long work ahead of training and socilaizing.  She just loves me and follows me around the house.  I'm looking forward to watching her mature and age and look forward to many years of happy fun with her.

Yes, Kallie has been a positive addition to our lives.  I had forgotten how loud a little puppy can bark. All of my clients' dogs are adult dogs and their barks are loud, but something about a puppy "yap" that really stands out.  As Kevin has learned, how loud she can be when crated .................  :-)

As Kevin posted, we went to pick up Kallie last Saturday.  It was quite a drive there and back, ten hours total, but it was worth it.  She was great on the long ride home.  Played a little and slept a lot, but didn't cry at all.  Just snuggled next to Kevin.

Since joining Kevin, she has been a lot of fun.  I am most impressed with Kathy and her socilization of Kallie.  It is as if Kallie has always been a part of Kevin's home and our lives.  Not frightened of anything or anyone.   She likes cats, too ........... 

We saw both Kallie's father and mother.  Both are beautiful.  I would recommend Kathy to anyone interested in a Corgi puppy.  She has one left from Kallie's litter and a new litter with at least three left.  Next litter will be in 2013.

All in all, we don't feel like we could have asked for a more adorable puppy .........

She is beautiful!!  Seanna too was very well socialized, and peed on my daughter's blanket on the way home!  Must be something with Kathy's puppies!  :-)


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