This beautiful girl is Roxie. She is an 8 ½ year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Her gorgeous smile and eyes will melt a lake of ice, along with your heart. Roxie is loving, well behaved, and well socialized. We inherited her recently when a family member passed away. We adore her, but we have a full house. She would be a better fit in a home where she can be showered daily with affection. Roxie loves the snow and is a very good walker on a leash. She is crate-trained and does not mind spending the workday in her crate. We are looking for the ideal home. We live in Buffalo, NY.

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Thank you!

If you want to meet her or introduce her to Calvin, let me know and I can bring her by sometime. Just let me know.



I'll talk to my husband tonight and I'll let you know!  Calvin likes other dogs a lot - he likes to play!  It's just new people he skulks around on!
I am sending "get along " thoughts and "we want to play" to both of you Calvin and Roxie!!!!!!!! It could be a blast! Can't wait to see what happens:)
She is beautiful! I wish I was closer Gwenie could use an older sisfur! Yeah she will have a home by now I am sure! Corgi hugs & Kisses,
We have talked it over and weighed the pros and cons.  If you want to arrange for them (Roxie and Calvin) to meet, that would be great!  If they get along and we are deemed a suitable home, we would love to take her!  If she is still available, let me know, and I will give you my phone number and we can talk.
Oh my, I wonder if there is a limit of how many times I can cry on this board.
@ Joanna...Sage is waiting as patiently as she can to see if Calvin gets a new playmate to give him a run for his $$$$!!! She knows he needs someone to keep him busy!
Roxie and Calvin sitting in a tree.........


Great! There is one other couple interested in her so far who we're talking to as well. So yes, please send me your phone number. We can talk about the dogs and, if it seems right, set up a meet-up/playdate!



741 - 2453.  We're home all day today and most likely tomorrow.  Week nights after 7:30 pm.  :)
Ooooo I hope it all works out with Calvin!  Looking forward to hearing good news.....


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