I was wondering if anyone has a growth chart/percentile chart for corgis. I took my 13 week old puppy to the vet today, and she weighed in at 8 lbs, 2 oz with her heavy collar on, and I asked my vet about where that put her on the charts, but he didn't seem to have one. Does anyone know if she's right on target, small, or large for her age? I'm just curious because I have not be able to find a weight chart on the web for corgi puppy growth.

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Like children ... they all develop at different stages but compared to what I've had that is small. I'm sure the vet thought her weight was good for her size and everything checked out okay? She could be one of those Corgis that are lighter boned and not as muscular. My pups at 5 weeks are 5 lbs. or around that. If you'd like I could even put them on the digital scale and let you know exactly what they are.
Well, the night before she was sent on a plane to meet us, the breeder said she was 3.9 lbs (that was with no collar), and the day after we got her we took her to our vet, and she weighed in at 5 lbs 2 ounces (with a nylon collar and metal buckle), and then last visit at 11 weeks was 6.5 lbs. So, she seems to be growing at a fairly steady pace. I think she's just going to be petite. That's one reason why I was interested in charts to try to find an average of corgi weight during their growth. The vet thinks she's fine, and she's healthy and eats plenty, so I don't think it's a problem. I guess I'm just curious about how she stacks up size-wise and where she might end up landing as an adult. Also, my brother's vet had a chart for rottweilers (my brother's dog is a rottie), so they were able to say he was in the X percentile, which would be handy. Anyway, no need to weigh your dogs for me. I was just curious to see if anyone had a link to an online chart or could tell me the percentile for 8.2 lbs at 13 weeks for a female pembroke. :)
Ask the breeder for the weights and measurements of the parents..not guaranteed she will fall w/in those limits but is a real good indication of where she'll fall into as an adult. I always tell people when they are looking at pups to always look over the parents since that pup will eventually turnout to look like both or one or the other.

Also w/growth..there are periods of rapid growth and not. Some growth changes occur w/o any weight change but the body changes. A lean fit dog during growth is much safer and healthier then a chunky one.
Thanks! Well, she's definitely not chunky. She started out a little skinny, but now she's just right in that I can't see her ribs poking out but I can feel them when I run my hand over her side.
Excellent! Good luck w/her.
I'm not sure if there's a chart out there, but here's Gibson's growth chart!

6.2lbs at 9 weeks
9.6lbs at 12 weeks
12lbs at 15 weeks
14.4lbs now at 20 weeks
and I think he's between 18 & 20 lbs now at 6 months.

Our Wendy was 2# 12 oz at 8 wks

7# 12 oz at 12ks (so a pound a week)

9 # 6 oz at 15 wks. The vet agreed she was great.  Perhaps the female is smaller, too.

Hmm, I'm wondering if Freya is growing too fast?

On December 22, she weighed 4 pounds at around 7 weeks old.

On January 3, at 8 weeks, she weighed 8 pounds.

I'll be going to the vet on the 31st for her 12 weeks shot, I think. Hmm...must check on that.
Oh good. I guess you can tell I'm a first time mom, huh? My boyfriend tells me I worry too much. :D I do, I know I do.
Dee Dee weighed about 8 pounds when we got her from breeder at 8 weeks. 8 years later, she now weighs 28 pounds. I think everyone grows at different rate, and ends up at different weight, just like humans. Just a word of advice. Dee Dee was my first Corgi/dog, and we fed her puppy food until she was 1 yr old... because that's what the puppy food bag said. She ended up at 32 pounds, and was put on diet at that point! Stop feeding high fat puppy food waaaaaaaaaaay before that! Heard 10 months or when it reaches adult weight is time to stop feeding puppy food... Good luck!

We have had Wendy on Buffalo Blue Puppy brand eating twice/day.  For training, we use carrots, apples, as tiny pieces.  The vet said she looked great at 9# 6 oz at 15 wks old; was only 2 # 12 oz at 8 wks old.

Taz is 9 weeks, I will have to go stick him on the scale and see how much he is. Thanks for that pound a week thing, good to know. When does that start to change? I mean obviously a year old corgi should not be 52 pounds lol. I haven't weighed KC in a while but she was 20 pounds when she was altered at about 8 months, I believe, in October anyway.


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