I know that this is not talk for the breakfast table but it's something that we all do. So...... I'm wondering if there is a better way to pick up and dispose of Olive's poop while we are on our walks than picking it up in a plastic bag and then throwing it in my trash.  I'm sure that it must take a couple hundred years for those bags to breakdown, if they ever do.  I have a neighbor who carries around an old frozen margarita pail with salad tongs to pick up her dogs poop but I just can't see me doing that!  Do any of you have "greener" ways that you deal with potty sacks.

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I know sam found some biodegradable bags at the dollar store lol. We taught Roxi to poop back in wooded areas and are working on Charlie. We do the old bagged idea.. but when we move we might try to figure out a way to compost with it all. Use a fancy scooper instead of lots of little bags and dump it an outside dumpster.
Yesterday at the store I saw "biodegradable" poopy bags, I'm not sure what they are made of but those would brake down faster. They also make big claw things to pick the poop up with, but I've never tried them.
I agree with you the pail and tongs doesn't sound fun to me either.
I have a compost in my FL home backyard and use biodegradable poop bags in Toronto. Besides the dollarstore, you can also find great deals on biodegradable bags on Amazon. (bulk buy)
Sell it, of course!
A friend here in Seattle has two composters buried in the ground, insulated, and heated with aquarium heaters. Even here in mild Seattle, it's too cool for the septic tank enzymes to work well. There are commercial "doggie dooleys" you can buy; we have one and it's far too small and slow, even with septic tank enzymes. Make sure the top opening is too small for an infant to fall into (a child can drown in a part-full 5 gal bucket)!!
I'm willing to bet those "biodegradable" bags take forever to degrade.
I found these great poop bags at Petco, they have cardboard at the top and a plastic bag with a thin ring of wire at the opening. when you pick them up they are flat, but they are great for messy poop and multilpe poops cuz you dont have to touch it, the cardboard is the handle and the wire around the opening keeps it just stiff enough to scoop. when your done with ur walk you push down on the cardboard and it closes the bag permanently. I love them and I do believe they are biodegradable. They are in the pooper scooper aisle. Check it out!
Have you thought about this??


words can not express...

I mean maybe for a long legged dog LOL
didn't you see the corgis in the add? lol
honestly I didn't look that closely!
Ella would never speak to me again....lol


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