Jun 2010 UPDATE: IKEA have discontinued the BÄSTIS, so I found a biodegradable cheaper alternative.

I was shopping at Ikea today and found BÄSTIS (Pet waste bag) It's $1.49 US / $1.50 CDN for 50 bags. I think it is the cheapest next to Dollar general's baby powder scent poop bag. Just FYI on a good deal.

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Robin (Stanley's daddy) is a huge fan of these bags. We always pick some up on our trips to IKEA. They are durable, cheap and large!
Augh, I was near an IKEA tonight! It's kinda far from me, so I wish I had known. Well, I'll be over that way again soon, I'll have to make a point to stop in.
Are they biodegradable??
I am not sure, the packaging has a few recycle symbols, here in toronto, poop bags belongs to the greenbin - for recycling. There are different types of bags and they degrade via sunlight / moisture, but I don't know how long :(
We use these! They are great! Always buy a bunch every trip to IKEA.
How large is the roll? Does it fit in a bag dispenser that attaches to the leash? I usually buy bags at Target. I think they are 120 for about $7.
They don't fit in the smaller size, however you can modify them to fit. I used to get my bags from target and walmart too, the cheapest was $6.XX on sale. So this is definitely a great buy.
June update:

Since Ikea decided to phasing out their pet line, we found a better cheap source of poop bags.

It's call "poop n scoop" by Epi Global. It is biodegradable. $1 for 48 bags, available at the dollar store!

Oh why thank you Sam! :) I know where to go this weekend before our camping trip!
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG- trip to IKEA is in my afternoon plans now! S>T>A


I decided to buy some dogBLEEP bags at our local boutique pet store.

"What's the difference between the green-label bags and the blue-labels bags"? I ask.

"Green-label bags are unscented.  Blue-label bags are lavender-scented," I am told.

The bone-chilling horror hit me later.  Somebody is trying to make dogBLEEP smell good by scenting it with lavender, and that person or persons is still out there, running around loose. 

We are doomed.

OK, OK, I do serve Al and Gwynnie their bedtime treats of organic free-range cruelty-free pate' de fois gras on lavender-scented linen napkins whilst softly singing "God Save the Queen", but herb-scented dogbleep bags ae crossing a line.

I will have to check out the Dollar Store next time I go.  IKEA is an hour and half from me.  With 2 dogs I have a lot of poop to police every day.  I have been getting mine from Ollie's...I think there are 40 bags per roll for $2.99, that's the cheapest I've found around here.  They aren't biodegradable tho.  But then neither is the litter for 3 cats which gets cleaned daily.


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