Butler, Redford and I take a quick walk every morning.  Including the walk to and from the part, we walk about 1/2 a mile.  In the past couple of days, Redford has gotten really tired about 1/2 way through the walk and moves out of position (he's really good at 'heel').  He tries to stop and look at something or smell something so we take a breather.

we're not walking really fast, his diet hasn't changed, his eating habits haven't changed.  The weather has gotten a bit cooler (yeah-we're under 100 degrees).  He doesn't have any hot spots or tender spots on his legs or feet.

Is he just being lazy or am i missing a health clue?

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How old is he?
Do you live in an area where tick borne diseases are an issue? Lyme can present with general lethargy and motivation to exercise. Several dogs, including Becca, in my neighborhood have tested positive this year.

Yep, that's why I asked age.  If he's still young, my first thought would be Lyme.

If he's older, could be arthritis or even early signs of mild heart failure.

If he's still a puppy, might just be puppy silliness.

He's about 6 years old.  We don't have lyme disease around here-too hot for ticks and fleas.

Marked changes in behavior can be indicative of a physical problem, sometimes that's the only symptom shown.  If he is otherwise acting normal, I would wait and see for another week or so,  then have him checked if it continues, or if you notice other things about him that may give further clues. 


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