Just wondering if anyone else's corgis paws have the distinct smell of popcorn!!!!!! or is it just a Minnesota thing???? Have a great weekend!

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ROFL! I thought maybe the author's description in Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul was an odd occurance...maybe just an Annie thing...you know? I am strangely please that it's not.
Oh, I have not read that book yet. What is her description?
Ok so now I have to go home tonight and smell Penny's feet...my boyfriend is going to think I'm NUTS! LOL
We have arguments all the time whether it's popcorn or corn chips...
I happened to read this while eating Fritos, so I set the bag down and sniffed my Callie's paws... And they DO smell like fritos!
My corgi and my Border Collie/Lab mix dogs both have "Frito feet".
Popcorn? I'm with Sam and the gang, I think its Fritos! My hubby and I just talked about that again last night. Funny.
popcorn and fritos, i love them. i just want to kiss his stinky paws, i love my corgi so much.
Aw, that is just so sweet!
I'm addicted to the smelly feet of my corgis and I love them sooo much!!!!
Potus definitely has popcorn/ Dorito smelling paws. Don't know about Fritos, because we don't have them here... I love the smell.


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