i was wondering if my boy will be a red headed tri? if not i will love him the same but i am just very curious :) here are some new pics of him (6 weeks) and of dollar, my pretty girl!

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thank you :) Tommy is a cutie by the way

RHT, how about Diamond for a name. The mark on his head is pretty diamond shaped.

i agree. it looked a lot like a leaf when he was first born. i will take that name into consideration

Uh... I'm not sure, but it looks like a puppy to me.  Send more pics so I can be certain.

lol i have so many of him already

I have a RHT and his head was never that dark.  But I am far from being an expert.  But he sure is a good looking little guy.

Black tris usually have a black tip or triangle on the inside tip of the ears.  The BHT adult has them.  The puppy does not seem to have these. His look all red on the inside, so he should be a RHT.  He's awfully cute however he ends up.

i agree, hes just so cute:). but the girl u see isnt his mama though, shes one that we adopted. the photos i just posted are of the proud parents

Ditto to Red-head, my Buddha is one as well :) 

i think its so cool that i will have a RHT! he is going to look so much like his daddy.

here is some pics of his mom and dad

wow, his mom is cute too but his dad is adorable!! haha look at that little face!

lol i wish u could see him in person. he is a very handsome guy


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