I've been looking into how others have felt about how their dogs have interacted when there is more than one corgi in the last month because I really feel as though I'm ready to have a pup join myself and Ein's life. I manage to get out and walk Ein on most nights and regaurdless of a walk or not we play a lot of fetch inside (I don't have a fenced in yard atm). He has never shown aggression towards another dog or stranger but he has gone through his boughts of being afraid I would take away his food (I feel this is from the problems I had finding a food that wouldn't upset his stomach). Sorry I'm not sure what kind of background to really give for this question.

How do others that have a pair of corgis find that they do together and how much time do you spend individually with them once they were together for a substantial amount of time? Do you know if they play together or keep each other busy during the day when you are at work(I realize this is kind of hard to know lol.. if a tree falls in the woods)? Anything else that you could recommend or any questions for me that I hadn't thought to lay out first?

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I am the lucky owner of 2 cardi's, Kai and Luna. when we first got Kai, we had a 12 yr old Boston Terrier, named Max - who had no love for Kai, and ignored him completely. Maxie soon passed away and Kai was our only dog. When Kai was 4-1/2 we decided to get another corgi, and Luna came into our lives. We introduced them on neutral territory - the neighbors porch, and it has been a love affair ever since. Everyone calls them Romeo and Juliet! They play together constantly, follow each other, eat each other's food (not a good habit!) and are an absolute delight. They do stay together during the day when I'm out - I don't think they play - I tend to think they're at the door passed out waiting for me to return.... The main issues we've had, were of course going back thru "puppydom"; Luna's puppy play with Kai - he literally had scabs on the side of his face from her chewing on him!; getting the dogs to willingly seperate for vet visits, walks, etc.; training - one has to do what the other one is; walking 2 corgi's at the same time - get ready for the corgi arm stretch!; in this day and age you also must be prepared for the cost of two corgi's as well; and of course - the FUR house. All in all, they are double the trouble, double the fun and double the love.
See the puppy stage is something that I'm completely ok with and totally expect to happen. I would actualy use vacation time so that I was at home more in the begginning to help the puppy progress faster, which is what I did with Ein. I'm glad that they are really good buddies and thanks a lot for the reply. Is either of them more submissive or dominant than the other? Ein doesn't seem to really be either and is dismissive of the terms it seems but I think I would definitely look for a female that wasn't submissive but rather on the submissive side of the scale if I had to choose.
We have 2 female corgis and they get along awesome. We got Cagney first. A rescue, who is probably 3 right now. Then a month later we got Chapin, who is about 1 and a half right now. We introduced them on neutral ground, a park about a block from the house and walked them home together. From that first night they have been the best of friends. Even at the dog park they rarely separate from each other. They frolick, play, and run around together. We kennel when not at home, and on days I am home they mostly just sleep during the day. We have never regretted getting a second. If you look at my page you will see a picture of them in the same bed together that I took on their first night.
Really good to hear! I love the pictures of them and especially like the names you chose!
kai is a male and luna is female. kai is an extremely sweet, laidback dog - who's a bit on the pudgy side. luna, well - her nickname is looney tunes, and it is well-earned - god help us all if she ever got ahold of some caffeine or liquor! luna, is of course, top attention seeking dog - however, one of her primary roles is grooming kai - every day - which he thoroughly enjoys. Kai finally learned to stop taking her crap, and will let her know when she's gone too far, which causes a hilarious reaction from her. the main advice for these two types of dogs was to teach them that I am the TOP dog, and they cannot get away with anything. also, we spend alot of time training and exercising - we call it "work" as in - it's time to go to work - and they both sit and wait for leashes and we're off! I've found this to be very helpful in managing the two of them - best of luck to you.
Talk to experts about age separation and gender mix (M-M vs. M-F vs F-F).
I have *heard* that 2 bitches will sometimes not get along, that a much older dog will sometimes not accept a puppy -- stuff like that -- but that is all hearsay. Ask the people who ought to know.
Al & Gwynn are 3 years apart. I think they have a more interesting life together than they would singly.
I love to watch them gambol together.
The younger dog will learn a lot simply by imtitating the older dog, but I think we erred in not giving Al more 1-on-1 time. You only have so much time, so it's hard to spend as much individual time with the second dog.

Fencing the yard was something I never wanted to do, but worth it.
How old is Ein right now? We just got Max earlier this week, Juneaux is about 9 months, and they really got along great! She was very accepting, and a little nervous at first, but they literally were running around and playing within 5 minutes. Neither shows any aggression, they do play rough though, but they play ALL day! By the end of the night, they're exhausted! Juneaux is however very jealous, but only when it comes to us petting her. We haven't really spent individual time with either of them, of course they BOTH get our undivided attention. Both get treats, hugs, kisses, food, belly rubs (you get the idea) at the same time.
I waited until Bernie was a year and a half old before bringing in another puppy. I think it was good for everyone involved. They took some time getting used to eachother but the breeder helped me choose the right personality match for Bernie (Basil is very calm and subdued, Bernie is very bossy) and I also wanted a dog focused for agility with good drive.

I train them separately. When I go teach dog training classes I will usually take one or the other with me. I use Basil for puppy socialization since he is wonderful at meeting new dogs and reading them if they get uncomfortable. Bernie I take with me to use as an agility demonstration dog, for people socialization and to show off her tricks to the class.

At home they are together most of the time, except mealtimes and when I'm clicker training a new behavior. They love to play and romp around the house. I can't imagine not having two corgis now.

I think my next dog will be a Swedish Vallhund, but that is a long way off.

Good luck in finding your next corgi! Just make sure the personality is a good match for your current dog.
My two Corgis are very different and our relationship(s) are good but complicated. Bertie was my first bubby, we were together constantly. He and I have a real psychic bond. That said, I thought it would be nice to have another pup around the house to keep us both company. (Note: i work from home, so my dogs and I are together all the time. ALL the time, for better or worse). So when Bertie was about 3 1/2, I got his niece Ethel (Barrymore), age 9 weeks (this a year ago, in February).

They have gotten along from the get-go -- I did introduce them in a neutral spot before bringing them both home, but Bertie is also an extremely "accepting dog," if there is such a thing. For the first 6 months or so, I made sure that I spent time with each one alone -- I took Ethel to puppy class, took Bertie for walks, would leave one home and take one for rides, etc. I sort of alternated days on that. I fed Ethel in her crate (part of the crate training, anyway) and Bertie in the kitchen. And it WAS easier training Ethel, as Bertie showed her what to do.

So now, we are a happy family -- but the thing is, they are EACH bonded to ME. They will play and wrestle together -- but they both want me to pay attention. Ethel likes to wrestle me and be chased, Bertie likes me to throw toys. That's kind of funny. Bertie is still totally bonded to me, and likes Ethel. Ethel, on the other hand, is Bertie's girl. She follows him around, wants to do whatever he does, and then runs back to see if I'm still there. When we go for walkies, she will trail along behind Bertie, doing whatever he does, but if I get too far ahead, she'll run up to me, then lie on the trail (and ambush Bertie when he finally comes by).

Bertie is more laid back, prone to communicating via the psychic staredown -- Ethel is sparky and spunky and barks to let us know that things are not exactly as she desires. Bertie listens to me, Ethel likes to be with me, but "listens" to Bertie. We've never had any fights, except for minor breakouts over who has which tasty treat, so I just take care when edibles are around (I have them both trained to allow me to give/take away food/bones, etc. -- but they don't let each other near anything edible).

When I leave them at home alone, I am pretty much convinced that they go into "suspended animation" and wait for me to come back. Bertie especially -- if I leave him with a treat, it is still there, uneaten, when I get back. Ethel, not so much -- the treat is gone, and sometimes a pile of laundry is distributed about the house. But I do think they just hang out waiting for me, and not doing much else (except perhaps barking at any animals that pass through the yard, like deer and wild turkeys).

Sorry to have blathered on so, but it was kind of fun remembering how things have unfolded during the past year. Really, the hardest thing for me was realizing how different Ethel's personality is from Bertie's, and adjusting my training/expectations accordingly. Once I got used to that, things jogged right along
Sammi and Lila are litter mates so I'm not sure how you would add a second puppy after having the first...but they definitely keep each other occupied and in trouble! I think that when they were little, 4-9 months old, they didn't necessarily look to us first. They definitely looked for and depended on each other. Now they're 1 year and 3 months old and my husband and I are #1. I say do it! They're hilarious to watch!
We got Adeline when Oodeveer was about a year old and it has been wonderful! We introduced them on neutral ground at a nearby park for about an hour then brought them both home. Oodie was very good with her, I really don't think he knew what she was at first but, now over a year later, they are very good company for each other. They love to play chase and frap around the house together and I now I can't imagine having just one dog!

They were closely supervised the first six months and I took great pains to make sure I didn't show any more affection for either dog however, I did make sure the pecking order was established early on. I let Oodie be "second in command" (I'm first!) and made sure he was fed and greeted first so there haven't been any dominance issues. I also worked with them separately for about an hour a day at first to make sure I was the focus of their attention. I do have to say that potty training was a little easier with the second dog since Addie seemed to follow Oodie's lead.

I know you'll be very happy with a second Corgi in your family. It is worth all the added time and expense and your dogs will benefit from having one of their own to pal around with. Good luck and keep us posted!
Some feel separation anxiety can be lessened w/another dog present. My gang love to be w/one another. They interact well and really entertain one another. I give each one of them attention but normally we interact all together at once. Alot of people have more then one Corgi and find it to be very rewarding. Good luck.


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