Hi everyone,


I will be getting my corgi in April (going on Sunday to pick him or her out - sooo excited) and I live in a townhouse.  I have an enclosed balcony and a back patio.  I don't really have grass so I wanted to build something that would be a place for my new addition to go potty - one for the balcony at night and one for the patio at other times.  I don't want to spend a fortune, and I have seen this: http://www.patiopark.com/


I am thinking I can make something similar using these: http://www.gardeners.com/boot-tray-set/37-314,default,pd.html and some artificial turf.


My question is, has anybody tried anything like this before? Are there any failures or successes I can learn from?


I am a bit of an obsessive planner and I want to make sure that my family and I put the work in to have a corgi that is a great member of our family.  I have the first vet appointment scheduled, the dog trainer coming a couple days before the puppy and in home training starts a couple days after the puppy is home.


Does anyone have any other suggestions or resources I should look into?




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My sister-in-law successfully litter box trained her 2 Chihuahuas while she was living in an apartment. It seems like a cheap and easy solution. Doggy Litter and Litter Box 



I don't want it in the house, I was just looking for something that can stay outside, but I just don't have grass areas.

I'm not sure what the price difference would be, but there is a "Potty Patch" product.


I have seen people train their dogs to go in a litterbox, but I honestly could not stand that being inside my house. Aside from the smell my cardi's poo is like...human sized. haha

Oh I agree entirely, I have no desire to have it inside my house, I just don't have a grassy area outside, so I was going to make a place for outside.
Yes, it is very doable.  I have trained my 2 Corgis to go potty in a very specific spot, because we live in a high rise in Taipei. There are potty training scent you can drip on the "hydrant" to lure the puppy to potty there.  Also keep a good and consistent schedule.  Take the puppy there every few hours and after meals to do his business.   Eventually, you start to take your corgi for walks everyday.  You should encourage him to do his business on the walks (less work for you at home).  As the time progresses, he should not need to go potty at home.  My 2 corgis do not potty at home, unless it is necessary.  Also I hope you have a faucet on your patio to hose it down.

We used puppy pads - http://www.northshorecare.com/puppypads1.html?gclid=CLqx59-yiacCFRB...


There is a base that you can get that will hold the pads - we didn't like it so much preferring just to lay the pads on the floor.  We used these for all 4 of our dogs.  But we did it indoors so I don't know if the pads would work for you outside.


They worked - the dogs learned where to do their business.  One problem they need to be changed often.  Another the dogs might decide to rip them up and make a big mess. 

Hi Samantha,


Is going on concrete or dirt an issue? How about a wooden box with real sod square from home depot / lowes? What about digging a compost for proper disposal?


If your ultimate goal is to have your pup going outside, forget about the balcony box / puppy pads, they only slow down the training process.


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