How does your corgi let you know he/she needs to go potty outside?
Charle is 6 m.o. What he does is he jumps at me, and looks me in the eye. Really rare he whines.

What about your corgi?

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Well, we have a doggy door that goes outside so KC just goes in and out as she pleases. It used to be at night that she wouldn't use it though she would come around to my side of the bed and put her paws up on the mattres and stare at me. It was really funny because even if she was on the bed she would get down and then come around and do that. Now if she has to go out at night she just goes out the doggy door. It is trickier when we are at my parents, I try to just take her out every couple of hours.
If we are sleeping, Brodey tugs on the covers. If we are awake, he tugs on our clothes or just sits there looking at us. Unfortunately, the look could also mean that he wants food or needs water. I like the idea of the bell at the door that some folks are talking about. That would end the confusion. Right now I feel like he is a baby crying. Does he want food or does he need to potty? I wonder if my old dog is smart enough for new tricks?
At the start, Rueben would just sit and stare at us intently. I so wanted him to give us a verbal sign cause if you are reading a book or the newspaper or heaven forbid sleeping you didn't notice him. Well, somehow he came up with a sign for us - he sneezes in order to get our attention! If we don't move fast enough, he will sneeze several times. Yes, its the funniest thing but it works!
Sneezes? that's inventive! :)
Most of the time Sophie will whine or make an odd little "squeaky" noise. Other times she will just go and park herself in front of the door and wait for someone to notice she's sitting there. Once in awhile, if she makes eye contact with one of us, she'll bark and run to the door. She's very good about letting us know when she has to go potty.
Caesar sits and stares at the sliding door until I open it. He doesn't bar at it (surprisingly) or whine at it. I open the door, he does his business and comes right back in
Oh LO will go to the door AFTER he has done his business in my LR.
Muffin will get very close to me but keep a good distance, stand completely still and STARE. If I get up and say "What muffin?" she barks and turns her head to the door then when i say "Outside?" She dances like a crazy lady.

Zariah looks at me with guilt... as if she has already messed on the floor... even though she has not.
Kirby has yet to make any noise when he has to go out but last night we had a break-through of sorts -- though he usually just sits at the back door until either someone notices he is sitting there or he can no longer wait =/, last night he sat and looked at me with "a look," one I'd never seen before. It was the strangest thing but I knew that had to be what it was and sure enough, he ran right outside and did his business. I was so excited that he was telling me, in however small a way!
Ein barks and jumps on me until I take him.
My Katie usually just runs for the door when she sees me get up. But I have to stand by the door and tell her what to do. If I don't tell her, she will just sit outside the door. When the weather is bad (raining or snowing or high winds) I have to go out there and hold her paw, especially at night.
Kara does a quiet "boof" sounding bark, puts her front feet up on the chair we are sitting it and looks us in the eye. If that doesn't work fast enough, she literally will throw herself at the sliding glass door. After all this time, I would think she would realize that tackling the door doesn't open it, but oh well.


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