ok so i have 2 corgi puppies, lowlow & torque, & they will b 5 months old next week. well i have had them since the 1st & 2nd weeks of may (i got them a week apart). lowlow had little to no potty training & torque had no potty training when i got them. i have spent a lot of one on one time with each of them (meaning that i spent hours training with torque while lowlow was in her kennel & vis versa) so they have had a lot of bonding time with me & they now listen to me even when they r together. when i first got them i started them going out every hour & heavy praise when they went potty outside. i use the cue word "go potty" to cue them to use the bathroom & "outside?" when they show the signs they have to go out. i slowly spanned out the length of time between potty breaks & they go out every 2 1/2 to 3 hours & ne time they tell me they have to go out. we also have a routine that 5:30 am they go outside, every time b4 they go in their kennel, every time they get out of their kennel, 5 minutes after they eat, 10 minutes after they play, & always at midnight. torque is good about letting me know when she needs to go to the potty, they r subtle signs but she does do them.
lowlow, well lowlow is a different story. for the first month of owning her, she would whine & tell me that she had to go out, all was well. she was pretty much potty trained. the last week of may we went camping & when we came back home it's like the whole house is her potty! she completely stopped telling me she had to go out, she just pops a squat where she pleases & pees! even when we were camping i held the same routine i have always had, nothing changed about the potty routine! it has been close to a month since we went camping & despite my efforts to stop this she keeps doing it. i still give her heavy praise for going potty outside. i did some reading up on potty training & it said that u shouldn't punish the dog for going potty in the house unless u catch them doing it. & if u catch them u pick them up, say no sternly & take them outside to go potty. it said not to rub their nose in it or spank them as they won't understand (that was the method i used when i first started potty training & she had it down). so i started trying the method i read about & it isn't helping, it's like she feels it is acceptable now. i have always trained my dogs with the nose rubbing method & it has worked. i'm at a loss here, i have finally had enough of this nonsense after cleaning up 3 puddles of pee in the last 4 hours! should i go back to my old methods or what other method are there? i need options cause i feel like she should be potty trained by now but she is extremely strong willed (i understand that's a corgi for ya) unlike torque. why did it all of the sudden go out the door? why did she stop telling me she has to go out?  how do i get her to start telling me she has to go out, i am staying consistent with all my words & actions, so y isn't she? 

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It's in the FAQ, try here and here are the most common mistakes. You'll get there, we've all been though it :)
thanks, it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who has had this issue. kinda embarrassing for me cause i keep such a tidy house all the time
ok so i just read both & i really feel like i have a better understanding. i know i need to keep a better eye on her. i get really busy cleaning & i hate to just put them in their kennel all the time so i let them walk around. i try to keep them in site but sometimes lose site of them in my going on's about the house. so i guess i'll get a fresh start on her & since i already know her pattern wen she is fixing to go potty, i can get a better start on it. i don't feel like i'm failing so badly now to know that most dogs r not fully successful at potty training till a year old. i felt like i was really just screwing this up. i think i have a game plan now! THANKS!

emma is 8 months and usually goes outside but once in while pees inside . then nigel the 8 year bouvier pees on emma 's bed. what is that about, is he marking

Too much freedom too soon IMO. Some dogs aren't fully potty trained until they're close to a year old. Until then they should be closely watched all the time. If you are busy around the house you can try leashing her to your belt loop so she's never out of your sight, or use baby gates to keep her confined where you can see her.

Rubbing their nose in it doesn't work - dogs live in the moment and they don't understand why you're punishing them unless you catch them in the act. Sometimes when this method is used they will start to eat their own feces because they don't understand why they're being punished.


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