I have a question on potty training. Scooter is 13 weeks old and we have had him for 4 weeks. We are working on his potty training and he is being crate trained. We take him out very often and when we take him out we carry him from his cage straight out to the backyard. He goes right away every time. We tell him what a good boy he is and everything. When we come back inside we let him run around and play. He loves running around the house. But even though we just took him out he will still have an accident. Like 10 minutes after he just went out he will just stop and pee. It doesnt matter if he was running around or just hanging out.  I am confused by this behavior. Why is he peeing in the house? We take him out all the time. We keep him out till he goes (usually 5 minutes). We clean the spot very well. He never goes in the same spot twice in the house. What is going on?? I am so confused.

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I'm having the same problem with my 13 week old. He's not lifting his leg, and it doesn't appear to be marking behavior.I hate to stick Ffionn in his crate every single minute of the day when he's not outside peeing. I think I remember Rufus having the same problem and he's perfect now, so I'm hoping this is some phase.
the thing a bout pups is they have such a small bladder that after every ten mins, its is time to take them out. then increase it by 5 more minuets about every week or so. i have raised 4pups(fostering) in the last year and after every play, ten minuets is all that it takes and its time to go back out. then 10mins after eating/drinking. always leave fresh water out and only pick it up half hour before bed.

when teddy was a pup and he was playing ruff sometimes it only took 5mins. it will get better with time. them sleeping in the crate helps them learn how to hold it too but i must say if it gets worse i would get him checked out by a vet to make sure he dosnt have a UTI


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