Just from browsing around, I see that poutiness must be a pretty common behavior.  Wow...I just noticed it with Isabella.  Last night I really started to try to train her to NOT mouth.  Anytime a hand goes down, her mouth is all over it.  Anyway, I guess I really peeved her and she was the biggest pouty-puss in the world!  Then, this morning, she headed to a corner of the living room and in 2 seconds flat had pooped!  She must have had a momentary lapse of reason, and my husband caught her in the act...she knew she messed up.  He simply told her NO and put her outside.  Bring on the pout.  When she came in, I gave her breakfast and she just laid next to her food bowl, didn't eat, and looked up with her pitiful eyes.  It took some coaxing, but she did finally spunk up and eat.  What a little diva!

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Casey can be quite a little diva too, lol. I've got a hard heart though, so I just ignore it and eventually she gives up.

I wouldn't worry if she's pouting and not eating. Leave the food for 10-15 minutes. If she doesn't eat because she's pouting, pick it up and put it back down at her next meal time. Missing a meal here or there isn't going to kill her, and she'll learn quickly that food is a luxury that you control and she can't be a little brat about it.
Ginger love to pout. But her pouting usually comes with talking back. When we tell her to stop doing something she'll look at us, lay down, put a pittiful look on her face and start going through her catalogue of noises...growling, purring, loud bark, short bark, whining....I just laugh at her, which makes her even more mad. It's really funny though!
Baxter falls into this category. I just mimick his noises back to him until it becomes a game.
Seanna doesn't really pout, but when she does something wrong that she gets in trouble for, she'll come over and give you a little kiss after....saying with those eyes, "I'm really sorry..."
Souds like my Adora when she was a pup. She was known for her poutyness since she was with the breeder. We were told that we picked out the pup the never smiles, well give it a few months and she will spunk up. My girl tried to rule us using her cute little puppy pout face, once she realized it was getting her nothing special she started being our miss smiles. She is almost a year now and evey now and then she tries to pull the pouty face to get what she wants but as much as it hard not to we don't give in. Then she gets mad and starts being silly.
I just LOVE our Corgis' personalities! They are so much fun.
You better believe they can pout. My Hayden is a seasoned pouter....or maybe sulker..haha! Whenever he wants to kissy face or wants me to pet him and I refused. Mr. Hayden kindly takes himself over to a corner and turns his back! Can you believe that ? Fortunately he never last too long..he loves to kiss and get petting too much to give it up.
Waffle doesn't pout so much as looks really, really hurt that I ever did anything to wrong him in any way. And if he doesn't listen to me and I have to get up and correct him, oh boy. He stays just out of arms reach and looks like I'm hunting him for his blood. Stubborn little bugger.
Our JP is a big pouter and drama queen. She is 5 1/2 months now and has been like this since we brought her home at 8 weeks. She espicially talks back to our 12 year old son when he tries to disipline her. It's so funny. They both end up "yelling" at each other!!


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