So as you all may know Sammie had a torn ACL in her left leg as we haven't been able to afford her surgery. Well today she tore her ACL in her right leg... We feel like giving up. She surgery they suggest is a fish line surgery. Doesn't always last but since she is at 30 lbs they don't want to do a TPLO. We just could use any prayers... We couldn't afford one surgery... And now two. We are going to try to do a yard sale to raise money for her two surgeries. I just have to try to keep it together during all this but Sammie can't walk at all. I have to help her go to the bathroom and carry her everywhere. We just need a miracle.

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How do you go about applying for corgi pals? Iv heard they have strict guidelines.

Here's their info:

Via email:


Via mail:

CorgiPals, Inc.

PO Box 21504

St. Paul, MN 55121


Social Media:





Oh no.  I so feel for you....Seanna has torn both of hers, and had the surgery with the fish line material.  She tore hers at separate times though.  She has done very, very well though.  Contact CorgiPals, they do fundraisers all the time.  I know a bunch of us on here would donate for you.  You can contact me at any time if you have any questions....don't give up.  It will be OK.  Go ahead and get the surgery done...we can help you work it out somehow.

I'm going to try out corgi pals. Sammie has a bunch of health problems she was abused as a baby and that's how we came into her life is through the shelter. You guys are so sweet. I will let you guys know if corgi pals lets me join.

I'm so sorry, Elizabeth! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Sammie! 

So is it And do I email them with my situation or go through the eligibility process? I'm sorry I'm just confused.

Me and Bella are extremely sad! We are sorry and hope that you raise enough money for Sammie's surgery! Our prayers are sent!

My 40 lb. bouncy, springy springer spaniel had that surgery on two legs when he was 4. He lived to 15 with no further problems. He was a healthy young dog, and it didn't seem right that we would give up on him for something like this. Best of luck for your little one.

Here's the information:
If you would like to apply for aid via the Helping Paws campaign, please review the Eligibility Guidelines and email Paige at

This is the link to the page with all the information:

Eligibility Guidelines Applicants may apply for aid for Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, or Corgi mixes who need veterinary care beyond routine visits. Applicants must submit to the defined application process as outlined below:

1.CorgiPals, Inc. conducts fundraising activity ONLY for the benefit of families with Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgis or Corgi mixes. Other breeds and/or species will not qualify for aid via CorgiPals, Inc.
2.CorgiPals, Inc. will provide aid to eligible dogs with financial needs up to $5,000 ($8,000 for those with cancer). Fundraisers will only be conducted upon receiving proof of payment or proof of services/treatment rendered in the form of a receipt or estimate from the servicing veterinarian. Donations will then be disbursed for free directly to the veterinarian if an outstanding balance is present, or directly to the individual as a reimbursement if no outstanding balance is present.

3.Submission of the following documents is required before an application can be processed:

•A copy of their most recent bank statement (or unemployment check). You do NOT have to be unemployed to qualify, you just have to exhibit financial need. Pertinent information that must show on your financials: your name, address, date, and account balance. All other information, like account numbers and social security numbers, can be censored.
•A photo of the dog in question
•Proof of payment or proof of services/treatment rendered in the form of a receipt or estimate from the servicing veterinarian
•Consent for CorgiPals, Inc. to contact the servicing veterinarian for verification purposes
4.Applicants MAY also be required to complete a financial statement form (click for example) to determine financial need. This is only part of our application process in extreme cases.

5.CorgiPals, Inc. will NOT provide aid for the following services:
•Routine veterinary services including spays, neuters, tail docking, nail trims, microchipping, dental cleanings, preventive medications, immunizations, and subsequent booster shots
•Routine boarding for vacation or “day care” purposes
•Rescue/transport operations, unless you have already been turned down for a grant through CorgiAid
6.This application process is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the CorgiPals team.

I'd start by emailing Paige and explaining your circumstance to her....Good luck!

I am so sorry to hear this.  I know how it feels, but I don't -- I'm so worried about Al's knee, and he isn't even hurt very badly.

Tragically, it is common for both knees to get hurt like that.  All we can do is send good vibes, but we're good at that.

Your poor puppy, and you poor parents to have to go through this. I will be praying for you guys. You can try setting up a donation account at gofundme or other places? Put it up at mycorgi and you might get some things.

Also, be sure to check out corgipals and your local rescue if they have mercy money. 2 torn ACLs is very serious, and it's possible they could give you some type of funding, anything helps.

I just wanted to let everyone know corgipals will be opening a page to raise money for Sammie. It should be done within a week if you would like to donate!


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