We've had a pembroke for a 10 months, sadly she passed away when she was just a year old. We now have a new pup at home for 5 weeks nog, almost six. She is a totally different dog, which I actually like. She is alot more independant than our previous dog, who we think was actually suffering from separation anxiety. But I kina feel like Mello, the new pup, is alot on her own. I think it's a good thing, she doesn't need me as much and she does enjoys play- and walk time. But most of the time i feel like she doesn't want to be with me. I left her a day at my moms, when I came to pick her up, she didn't even look at me. Pem would be out of herself of excitement because of  seeing me after a long day at my moms. She isn't interested in cuddling on the couch, in bed or following me around the house. For me this is so weird, Pem used to follow me everywhere, all day long.

Now I can't really remember if Pem was like Mello when she was 13 weeks old. Will she grow to like and need me more? Or will it always be this distant, on her own dog?

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Ruby the (Former) Corgi Puppy was a lot like that, especially compared with Cassie the Corgi. Cassie's like a foxtail...sticks to you everywhere you go. Ruby figures you can get along by yourself most of the time and need not be babysat constantly. She seems to have warmed up as she's matured.

I wonder if it's a characteristic of the breed, or possibly of the type of working dog they are. If you're expected to chase sheep around all day, maybe you wouldn't feel inclined to lay around the house nuzzling with the humans?

Puppies are like children, in the sense that they all have their own unique personalities and the trick is not to compare them to others, but rather to figure out what "makes them tick", what they find rewarding and what their strengths are. An independent puppy is generally inquisitive and busy. Curiosity is always a sign of intelligence and that's something you can work with. I would start simple obedience commands with treat rewards, rewarding attention etc., keeping it all short and fun and age appropriate, to teach the pup that you are interesting and worth keeping an eye on.


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