So I just brought my little puppy home today! :) He is SO CUTE! He sat through an hour car ride home and played a little when we got home, and met my tortoise outside too! 

He is currently passed out sleeping in his crate, but he is breathing fast? Is this normal? I just assume it is because he's a puppy and maybe he's just getting used to the new environment and he had a long day today!  He is sleeping on his back right now! :)

Thank you for your help :)

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I'm not an expert or anything, but my puppy Oscar did that too, the day we brought him home. I freaked out and called the breeder, but she said it was normal and nothing to worry about. Has he had some water? The long car ride might have made him a little dehydrated. But he's probably just fine. He's had a big day and will need his rest.

He's so adorable!!

Thank you!! Thats what I figured. I just fed him dinner and he had water too, tried taking him out to go potty but he didnt want to go, so now hes sleeping in his crate! :)

Butters did this as well.  I grew up with dogs but I'd never noticed it in any other pup.  I also freaked out!  Lol.  I described it to my vet, and she had me video it to show her.  When I showed her she also agreed it was pretty fast, and to xray it to be sure everything was okay.  We had xrays done and the vet examined them and saw nothing wrong.  She also sent them to a specialist to be sure and everything was great.  She did say that puppies tend to breathe faster.  And I think when they are little and new and exciting we tend to observe them even more and take note of little things like that that tend to worry us.  Luckily Butters grew out of it and she's a healthy dog at nearly 3 years old now. 

Thank you so much! Haha I was freaking out but I guess he is just a puppy getting used to this new place so it's probably normal.  He is going to a vet tomorrow to just get checked out and I want to get his eyes checked out and Ill ask about the breathing as well. Im glad your Butters grew out of it and is healthy as can be!! :D

Not to freak you out - because as a new puppy owner I freaked about Everything - but keep in mind any changes like that associated with food. Ein would sometimes breath super fast and pant a lot. She was also licking her paws (turning them redish). Figured out it was a beef intolerance - she gets snuffly and pants a ton if she eats beef (or chews a lot on rawhide). Switched the food to lamb, limit rawhide chews and she is all better! If it continues, you may want to switch the protein and see if it makes a difference.

Yeah he is getting a little bit sniffly, and has a little bit of eye tearing but Im assuming its because he's a pup and he will probably grow out of it! I want to switch him to fish once I get rid of this puppy food (chicken).  Im glad other people have witnessed their dogs doing the same thing, I'm a first time Corgi and dog owner in general so I'm pretty paranoid! :) I hope the eye tearing goes away as well, but maybe he has allergies too because Im in Arizona (lots of dry itchy grass) and we have cats as well! 

Haylee, I too had the same worry.  I actually counted how many times she breathed in a minute to see if it was in the normal range lol.  Of course I was convinced there was something wrong with my new baby.  It was completely normal and she's now 6 months old and the biggest joy in my life.  It's hard not to worry about our new fur babies, but I've really learned to calm down.  Your puppy is super cute by the way. 

Nothing wrong at all, Gilby did this too, seems to be a common corgi thing!  I think the fast breathing went on for the first month, possibly a bit longer. Congratulations on the new puppy!


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