I just had a litter of pups,they are pretty dark in color. I'm worried some other dog got in the yard with my baby girl. She tri colored and Daddy is sable & white. This is my first litter so not really sure what the pups look like at about 4 days old ?

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Sooooooo cute!!!!!!

how cute

Could we see pictures?  (Well - mainly because I love puppy shots but also because I think it would help)...  :-D

It's possible they're all tris, but even reds/sables can look dark when they're little.

I just found this pic on google, but it looks pretty typical to me:

We  had three puppies, tri female to tri male, when I first saw them they all looked like black border collie puppies and all turned out to be red headed tri's.  I have not seen sable puppies as new borns....

My breeder just had a littler about a week ago, here are pictures of the pups on the day they were born

this i a pic of the pups, some  have very little white

they almost remind me of boxer puppies. Any boxers in your neighborhood? The clearly defined pure black muzzle I can see on the two faces isn't a corgi trait. The litter I posted a picture of is a breeding of a red and white female with a sable male.

not that I know of,the only other dog in the yard is a blue heeler, and she's fixed( well she is a she duh) !!! So I'm at a loss.but they are still cute little babies.They do look like they are going tp have short legs,guess we will just wait and see.

Corgis can have black masking. For example:

Here's a puppy with very little white:

I'm not a breeder but I wouldn't discredit them as pure corgi puppies just based on color at this point.

they do look alot like this little guy above,hope they turnout like this



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