Hello! I've been looking at different types of puppy food and right now I think that I will go with Taste of the Wild for my new Corgi. Is this a good choice? What other brands should I look into? I've also heard that some people don't choose to give their puppies puppy food because it makes them grow too fast, so should I maybe switch to all life stages food?

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The article is correct.  However, in most prepared foods, high levels of protein are associated with maximum levels of calcium and phosphorous--and in too-high amounts, these can negatively impact the development of the skeleton, as pointed out by the author.  Orijen takes great care to use a low-ash (low-mineral) formula when producing their large breed puppy food. You may have to ask Orijen if the same low-ash formulation holds true for their adult foods as well, if you are concerned.

Good idea, I will definitely check that out. I know the phosphorus/calcium levels are slightly lower in the adult food, but even in the puppy food they're still well within the acceptable range. Other than that I haven't seen any big difference between the large breed puppy/adult dog. I will look into ash content though.


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