He just started hating his crate Sunday night. We weren't using it for punishment and he used to go in on his own all the time. He whines yips and bark and we are losing sleep!! Help!!!

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We had a crate for Algy when he was a puppy. We had it covered and filled with toys and fun, soft stuff. He NEVER liked the crate. My dad used to come home from work at 11 pm and stay up with Algy, watching the late shows until he stopped whining and would go to sleep. He was only crated while he was being housebroken. After that, we never used it again.

Maybe some kiddos just don't like the crate. Algy liked to BE with his people, more than he liked having a 'space' of his own. Maybe he has made a decision? I hope it can be worked out!! Losing sleep and not being able to really help a crying kiddo stinks!
Maybe he is just out growing his crate. Noodles went willingly in to his crate for 1.5 years and then all of a sudden he wouldn't go in it. I couldn't figure out what changed because the day before he ran in to it and waited for me to give him his treat. Ever since that day, he is out of his crate and my little man turns 5 this month. He enjoys relaxing on the couches and rearranging the couch pillows while we are gone. :)
I was thinking maybe he just grew out of it because we let him in our room with the crate door open and he chooses to sleep by the door, and sleep on a blanket we have for him on the floor, or sleep on a pillow. We have a dog bed for him and we put that in his crate when we first got him but instead he just flipped the dog bed over and slept underneath it!

He's almost a year old now - Do you think that coudl be whats happening or maybe his crate is too small? We thought about getting an exercise pen and putting it in our room so he's "safe" but still can run around but he might just jump out of it, because he jumped over my fiance's dads Doggy gate in the kitchen because he wanted to be where we were at
it kinda sounds to me he has out grown it and is getting to hot. we actually had to go out and get a new kennel for teddy yesterday, when ever i put him in his crate he would get restless and would also go under the his bed and sleep lol im thinking because he was too hot and the pan is cooler. he likes the new one but if anything i know he would want to sleep out of it. if he isnt having any accidents or not chewing anything i would try getting him a play pen and putting him in there. but get a big one so he dosnt jump over it:) they have nice ones at petco. i bet he would like that better. the only reason i got teddy another kennel is because if he ever feels scared, that his own place. other than that i leave him out almost all day, but some times i will put him in there at night if i dont want to get woken up to play lol
We had a lot of trouble with Frosty when we brought him home. He always hated being locked in his crate at night, and would whine and cry and bark ALL night long. After 3 days, we decided to puppy proof our bedroom, put a baby gate up in the door and let him sleep on a folded blanket next to our bed. He loves it. We never had any accidents, he always went straight to sleep when we entered the bedroom, and stays on his bed the whole time he is in there. Now we use the crate during the day when we are gone and he never makes any fuss about being in there during the day, but he always sleeps in our room at night.
Update on the situation: We ended up letting him run around and puppy proofed the apartment. Our kitchen, bathroom, and second bedroom all have doors so we leave our bedroom door open and let him roam between our bedroom and the living room because even when we waited for him to go into the crate on his own and then shut the door he would still whine. He will wake us up when he has to go outside which isn't horrible, because it's better than him going in the apartment, but last night he waited til my fiance got up to go to the bathroom, and he alternates now between sleeping in his crate and sleeping on the floor next to our bed, or sleeping next to the bedroom door if we do decide to shut the door, Which lately we have been shutting the door because our downstairs neighbor's dog is annoying and barks if a blade of grass moves the wrong way, and then our dog wants to automatically go outside and play with her, and then he whines at us to go outside like when he has to go outside and she doesn't like moose because he wants to play and she's an older dog (like 13 years old) so yeahh.

Anyway, there's the update, we're not losing sleep anymore and it's pretty awesome that we can let him out now, we couldn't before because of accidents/him chewing stuff, but we still put him in the crate when we are gone for more than 1 hour.


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