Do puppies normally get 3 DHPP shots or 4?  I'm conflicted.  The breeder (who is a vet) paperwork shows 4 needed, with Isabella's scheduled "due" dates.  She had one before we got her and she's gotten 2 from our vet.  At the last appointment, our vet said she'd get her Rabies shot at her appointment the end of this month and she'll be done.  Unless I misunderstood, that means only 3 DHPP.  Is that enough?  She's 15 weeks old today and her next appointment is in 2 weeks...

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Ours had two sets before we got him, then a booster about a month after we brought him home (which would have been 14 weeks), then a booster at one year. After that, it's once every three years.

Three should be sufficient.
Thanks, Beth. That sounds like Isabella's schedule. I don't know when yours had their first 2, but the 3rd at 14 weeks is what Isabella had, too...
Thanks, Kelly! I don't have my calendar with me so I can't remember when she had her first one. I do know the 2nd was 9/15 (1 day past 11 weeks old and I think it was a day or 2 early per the breeder's schedule - I have to check) and the 3rd was 10/5 (14 weeks old and this one was 1 day shy of the 3 week mark). Sounds like she might need another...She'll be exactly 17 weeks at her next appointment...I'll ask the vet what he thinks when we go.
Thanks again, Kelly. Yes, the fact that she's getting her Rabies shot at the next appointment is what made me think I wasn't mistaken that the vet called her done with her other shots. I assumed the Rabies would be given alone. With all the information you have provided I'm feeling better and more confident. While I still think her 3rd DHPP might have been done a little early...I think what I will do is discuss it with the vet before he administers anything to her that day. If it turns out she should get another DHPP, maybe the Rabies can wait...I don't know what the age requirement is where I live, but I'll check it out. Now that I think about it, I think the breeder paperwork said it wasn't due until 6 months of age, so maybe it can wait if need be...At any rate, it's good to know that I'm not the only one confused with the conflicting info! Best I can do is educate myself as much as I can, ask questions and make informed decisions...all with the trust of our vet. You've been very helpful, THANKS!!
Well, dang, I wasn't able to be at Isabella's appointment...My husband took her...When he got home he let me know that she got the Rabies vaccine AND the DHPP! Oh no! I was concerned about how she would react to both at the same time. She was really puny with her first set of shots, but A-OK with the second set. Well, she didn't miss a beat! I'm happy she got the 4th DHPP AFTER 16 weeks and even happier that she didn't have any reactions. I'm happy to be done with shots for a year! Thanks again for all your input.
Just checked the breeder's schedule:

8/26/10 DHPP given (age 8 weeks, 2 days)
9/16/10 DHPP due (3 weeks later, Isabella got this one day early on 9/15/10)
10/7/10 DHLPP due (3 weeks later, Isabella got DHPP, no Lepto, 10/5/10, one shy of 3 weeks since last DHPP)
10/28/10 DHLPP due (as far as I know, Isabella is scheduled for just Rabies on 10/26)
12/29/10 Rabies 1 year due

So, it looks like we were on the every 3 week schedule since 8 weeks of age. The breeder told us our vet might not do the Lepto, and that's OK. He didn't, and after what I've read I really wouldn't want her to have it anyway!
Just adding an update in case anyone else has questions/concerns about the puppy shot schedule. Isabella had her appointment on 10/26/10, her 17 week birthday. The vet did give her the Rabies vaccine, as I expected. He also gave her another DHPP, so that makes a total of 4 of those...He said to give it 2 weeks and then she is released to freedom to enjoy the world!
Thanks again, Beth! Funny, I just read the article in your first link this morning! That's what gets me, sometimes...I see different information from different sources...While they are similar, the protocol seems to differ slightly from article to article...I guess that's where faith and trust in the vet comes in!
I agree; there is conflicting evidence out there. This might help:

"For example, the committee universally stipulates that canine parvovirus vaccines should be given initially at six to eight weeks, the second dose at nine to 11 weeks and a third dose at 12-14 weeks."

My breeder gave at about 6 weeks and about 9 weeks or so, then we vaccinated with our vet around 13 or 14. She (the breeder) likes to do two rounds of shots before the puppies leave at 10 weeks.
Wow. So helpful! I appreciate it very much!


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