Did you love your fubaby at first sight or did it take some time to get to know them and fall in love? Weston comes home in five days and unfortunately our first meeting will be the day he comes home. I am already madly in love with him, but my boyfriend is unattached and says he won't be until he meets him and gets to know our baby better. I would love to hear y'all stories and experiences with your new babies.

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when i got my first corgi, teddy (R.I.P) it literally was love at first sight. the breeder was holding him like a baby and handed him to me and when he looked up at me for the first time i felt a connection with him. he never bonded with my ex husband but me and teddy were buds from day one :)

Baden on the other hand took some time. i seen him every week on a Thursday until i could bring him home. he followed me around at the breeders house and i played with him in her yard and i thought we would be close right off the bat but thats not what happened. Baden is an independent little guy for the most part. so he was always off doing his own thing once we brought him home, he didnt want to stop what he was doing to be petted or loved on until he was ready. but once we had a routine down and doing training thats when we started to bond. we enjoyed are walks together and playing and he loved learning a new trick just so he could get excited with me and have fun. he loves making u happy and excited so once he figured out how much i loved to just have him lay down with me and cuddle thats when he learned to settle down and enjoy his time with me. but like i said, when we went for walks that was are bonding time. he learned to listen to my commands and instructions and just have fun and enjoy the time together

It must be a joy to own multiple corgis with different personalities and fall in love with each for their own charms

 It is.... lol don't worry you'll soon be in the multiples too. ;)

They're very addicting.

I already want more :)

For me it was definitely love at first sight, but we didn't have that instant bond.  Selkie was a definite devil puppy!  biting, chewing, getting into trouble all the time.  We just didn't seem to "click" like I had with my previous dog.  But that has all changed!  We are now inseparable and the bond is complete.  It took time, trust, training, and lots of forced kisses from me;)  She is now 9 months old and I couldn't even tell you when the change happened.  It just seemed like one day I woke up and it was all different.  Now I get lots of kisses and puppy loves too!

Yay for puppy kisses :)

It's so funny because that's how it was for me and Franklin too. I loved him from the get go but we definitely had a rough patch for about 2 months because he was such devil puppy! But one day he just "got it" and he has been the best dog in the world ever since. I've never had a dog like him and often I don't even need to say anything, just think it, and he knows what I want. He was probably about 4 1/2 months old when he finally just started to understand things and training from then on has been a breeze. Here is he and I on a busy beach when he was 4 1/2 months old. Totally focused on me despite all the commotion around us. 

Once we decided to get a dog, hubby agreed but told me it would be MY dog. He would help with feeding and walking, etc., when I had to work late, but it would be MY dog. We met Asta, our first corgi, the first time we saw her at the breeder's when she was only 6 weeks old. She chose us. After playing with all of the pups in her litter for awhile, and eliminating a couple of them as too bossy or too shy for us, Asta crawled up into my lap and fell asleep. OURS! The three weeks of waiting until she was big enough to come home was the longest three weeks ever! After having her for one week, hubby started calling her "Sweetie" and would call out for her as soon as he got home. I'd say, "I'm in the kitchen" and he'd say, "I'm calling for the dog, not for you!" I could have been lying in a heap at the bottom of the basement stairs for all he cared! (just kidding!)
Our current corgi, Sophie, came from a rescue. We picked her up for our "trial visit" and the foster mom said she was timid and afraid to go to new people, so don't worry if she didn't warm up right away. She opened the crate door and Sophie jumped right into hubby's arms. Later she jumped into my lap. She howled and cried all the way home, which was disconcerting, but settled in, and within a day we knew she was ours. Sophie wasn't, and still isn't, as cuddly and snuggly as Asta and doesn't like to be held, but will come up and lie down right next to us with her head in our laps. She appeared to be worried about all the new things going on, but within a month started to relax and really feel at home.
Each dog had/has her own personality and we love them both, but differently. I guess it's the way parents love their kids the same, but differently, based on the kids' personalities.

I got my first corgi from a well known puppy mill (now shut down).  I was so disgusted but when Corey ran over the other dogs in his elevated cage to see me and licked my finger it was love at first sight.  He was 6 mo old and my very best friend for 13 yrs.  With my new puppy, Buffy, I picked her from the litter 'cause she looked me straight in the eye and I had that wonderful feeling of "My dog!".

Weston came home :) and we couldn't love him more!! the moment the breeders put him in my arms I havent wanted to let go. The car ride was great for us because we bonded right away. potty training isnt going so well but I wouldnt change him for the world. 


Oh my goodness! Congrats! He is the cutest thing! Can't wait to see more photos and hear more stories :)


He is sooo cute!  Congratulations on bringing him home! Potty training will just click one day, but it'll take time.


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