Did you love your fubaby at first sight or did it take some time to get to know them and fall in love? Weston comes home in five days and unfortunately our first meeting will be the day he comes home. I am already madly in love with him, but my boyfriend is unattached and says he won't be until he meets him and gets to know our baby better. I would love to hear y'all stories and experiences with your new babies.

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He just beyond cute!!!  Keep the pictures coming!

TOO cute!!!

Weston loves playing in the leaves :) 

Wally was adopted as faith saw it that he should be ours.   I wanted to adopt from a reputable breeder and in the end his home was nearly 14 hours away from us.  We were on the waiting list for the next "pet home" male but Summer 2013.    However, the 2012 fall litter had one male and the family above us on the list changed their mind.

So the breeder sent me an email on December 20th telling me I had a chance to have my boy, sooner than planned.  As soon as I saw the picture I melted and I knew that my fiancee would fall in love as well.   She did..    :)

I tried hard to find a way to get him before Xmas, contacted several airlines about their procedures to fly a pet, considered driving in possible stormy weather.   However, having a new pup for about 14-15 hour drive during winter would have not been safe for both of us.   So I booked a connecting flight and the return flight was under 30min. upon my arrival.

I met the breeder at the airport where she opened the carrier for Wally to pop his head out.

The video can been seen at :




It was indeed love at first sight and just holding this little soft ball of fur, I was happy and sad at the same time he was leaving with a stranger, in a strange machine high up in the air.    He slept for 90min. flight back home, peed once and arrived in NB during a sunny afternoon.


I would have like for Wally to pick me but faith would have a different story planned for us I guess..    :)

I often create youtube videos so that the breeder can see him grow and maintain close to him.   We love her very much for given us the chance to change our lives for the better and having Wally part of our family.  


Thank you Barb.

I am such a sap. All of these stories are making my heart swell and my eyes water! I get to meet my pup at 6 weeks, and then she comes home at 8wks, so I know that two weeks in between is going to be the hardest!I will probably do a little (or a lot) of crying. I'm just so ready for her to be home.Then I can share my stories with you folks!

It would be hard to stay away but if the distance prevents you from being there nearly everyday it makes the decision for you.  Are you close to your pup?   Would you be able to visit a few times during the 2 weeks?    


At least she'll be able to get use to your smells if you can bring a blanky and some toys that has been in your home or close to you.

I'm about 2.5 hours away from the breeder. I would love to visit a few times, but it really depends on what my work schedule looks around then.


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