We had to let our Max go yesterday.  His left leg was useless and the right one was failing rapidly.  He hated both the sling and the cart.   The last several days he was losing control of his bladder, he had also lost 6 lbs in a month tho he was still eating the same.  The tumors in his neck had enlarged a bit after being shrunk by the prednisone but we have no idea what they were doing inside of him.

We realized Friday night that what we kept saying to each other was our denial of what things were.  It was not fair to him, his quality of life was not what it should have been.

I know he is waiting for me.  He is running and chasing his ball, he is herding the cats that have gone before him.

We love you Max, thank you for the years of love and joy you brought to our lives.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope I have the courage when the day comes to make the right decision. RIP Max :(
Linda, I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP, little Max :(

I am so sorry for your loss Linda, its never easy.  ((((hugs)))))

I'm so sorry Linda. You did the right thing. RIP Max <3 

Thank you all for your kind words.  This has been a difficult time with too much going on.  My husband has been feeling miserable with some kind of gastro problem since mid October.  After 4 different test and another needing to be scheduled we know more what it isn't than what it is.  I have also been diagnosed with diabetes....I knew I was pre-diabetic in August but with not eating right because my husband wasn't and the stress over him my numbers shot up in November.  Thankfully we see the same PCP so she knows the stress I am under and told me that can cause my numbers to go up.

So it has been a bad couple of months and with losing Max I have just been in such a funk.  Add to it we are not going to TN to spend Christmas with our daughter because of all this and I basically would like to find a cave to hide in.

I will say Brady has been a wonderful comfort to all of us.  He is sweet, funny, affectionate and smart.

Linda, I am so sorry to hear all this! I am awaiting gallbladder surgery in a few weeks myself so I can relate to your husband's woes! Mine was pretty easily diagnosed but they've still put me through the litany of tests. I hope you are both feeling better soon :(

Laura....I so hope all goes easily for you!  We know he has gallstones but right now no one, including the surgeon, feels that is the cause.  They feel it is acting up but there is no blockage and they think there is something else that is setting it off.  We have done the whole ulcer thing and the CT scans with contrast.  The gastro wants to do an MRI, he still thinks there is a fistula right at the terminal illium, the 2 scans with contrast are hinting at it but the barium doesn't get that far...my husband's system processes very slowly.  Last contrast he was at the hospital for 5 hours and it still wasn't all the way.

Please keep us posted as you can on how your are doing.

oh my gosh, Linda! I am SO SORRY!! FIVE HOURS??? I had a CT scan with the oral and IV contrast and I think I was there forty minutes total! That is horrible! It must be so frustrating to be feeling so badly but not getting answers. I hope you will also keep us posted on how things are going on your end! 

Laura....the first scan was fast and simple.  He picked up the stuff he had to drink the day before and drank it 1.5 hours before his appointment time, we were out of there in less than an hour.  The second one he had to drink it at the hospital (2 bottles of it) and every 20 minutes they took him back for a scan.  I was with him and after about 2 hours he told me to go home and he would call me to come get him when he was ready.

Linda, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry you are going through so much all at once.  Sometimes it seems we get hit with a deluge and there is just no safe haven.  Hopefully, you will start to see better days soon.  Hugs.

Beth....thank you.  Got the precert from the insurance (finally) for the MRI.  Just waiting on the doctor to fax the script to the radiology center so I can schedule the MRI for hubby.  The last quarter of 2015 has not been a good one.  But in my 65 years I've had worse.

I do have to say that Fate was looking out for us when she sent us Brady.  He truly has been a comfort and joy.  He is loving and so very funny.  Makes you laugh when you really don't feel like laughing.

Hi Linda, any answers/relief for your husband yet after his MRI??


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