We had to let our Max go yesterday.  His left leg was useless and the right one was failing rapidly.  He hated both the sling and the cart.   The last several days he was losing control of his bladder, he had also lost 6 lbs in a month tho he was still eating the same.  The tumors in his neck had enlarged a bit after being shrunk by the prednisone but we have no idea what they were doing inside of him.

We realized Friday night that what we kept saying to each other was our denial of what things were.  It was not fair to him, his quality of life was not what it should have been.

I know he is waiting for me.  He is running and chasing his ball, he is herding the cats that have gone before him.

We love you Max, thank you for the years of love and joy you brought to our lives.

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Again.....thank you all for your kind words and caring.  It does mean a lot to me.

Right now my husband and I are facing some not so good medical issues that will take time to get under control for both of us so I have not been posting much at all anywhere.  I try to make sure I read tho. 

I truly hope the wonderful ideas that have been suggested and help turn around the traffic on this site.  There is so much experience and caring that can be found here and not on social media like FB.

<3 Get well soon! Sometimes it seems like it never rains but it pours. Here's hoping the sun pokes through the clouds before long...

Linda, been wondering how you have both been doing??

Laura....thank you for asking.  My husband had the final test (colonoscopy) for the Crohns.  They had not been able to see the area clearly with all the other tests...NO Crohns, no polops, no cancer...no nothing.  Gastro feels it was a self healing infection where the 2 intestines meet.  Can't tell you the relief it has brought to both of us!  My numbers are steadily dropping and I can feel the difference, I am no longer shaky all the time and my brain feels like it's actually working for a change. 

So things are much improving on the health issues here.  And of course Brady and Katie along with the cats are doing their best to make us smile and giving us lots of cuddle time.

Thank you for caring!

Linda, I am so happy to hear this!!! Wonderful news!!!! And thank you for keeping us updated!!! :) I hope you both continue to feel even better!

Wow, that IS good news. Glad to hear you both seem to be on the mend.


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