Emma has been licking her front paws a lot, between the toes and she seems to be swollen.
I'm thinking she probably got some kind of bacterial infection from the dog park.
Have any of you ever experienced this and if so do you know what its called? She's bright pink and a little raw between her toes.

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It could also be "allergies", have you checked for foreign object stuck in between? I hope Emma feels better soon :(
My FoxHound had the same problem. Do Emma's eyes water and form goo as well? The vet told us it was allergies, and gave us some steroid eye drops, and that cleared it up. He also said to give her a Benadryl at night. It makes them drowsy, but I think it helps. :)
Mochi totally gets this and she licks her paw. I put in eye drops at night and in the morning. For her feet i just try to wipe them off when we get home from a walk.
If it continues, your pup can give herself a lick granuloma - a sore. Tank has a habit of chewing his feet and tends to get them between his toes.
Thanks everyone.. I suppose it could be an allergy since there is no puss, just swelling and redness.

I think I'll take her to the vet to be safe.

I'll let you guys know how it goes.
Is the fur in between the toes a brownish red? Lance has been licking his paw lately and am trying to decide if something is wrong with his paw as well. What did the vet say?
It could be fungus and yeast. Does she have fat paw pads and lots of hair between her toes? Her toes should be dried off if she has been in the wet grass and trim the hair between her toe pads (if she will let you). Charlie has this problems sometimes, this is what my vet has told me. I will rub gold bond powder in between his toes when we are grooming.
Just took my new adoptee Bazel to vet for this. The skin between toes was red and swollen. He got a bacterial infection from licking. With all the tests it cost me $l64.00! He's allergic to grass (may be seasonal allergy). I now give him an antihistamine, but not Benadryl, it may knock him out. Good luck.
Hi everyone!

I took Emma to the vet today and he said that she has an interdigital cyst.
He said there are lots of treatments out there for it, but the reason there are so many treatments is because nothing really works that well.

He said it is not life-threatening, but that usually dogs that get them are larger breeds, and are overweight, yet vets still aren't sure why they get them. He also said that usually if the dog leaves it alone, they go away on their own.. Emma won't leave her's alone.

Emma is a very petite corgi, weighing only 19 lbs and she'll be a year old on the 12th, so she is no where near overweight.

He gave her an anti-inflammatory shot and some antibiotics.
I hope this goes away -- some sites say that its painful for the dog, but she doesn't seem to be in any pain whatsoever, she runs and jumps on and off my bed like nothing is wrong.

Anyone have any experiences with interdigital cysts? I'm really worried that its not going to go away.
Thanks for the update! As long as the dog is active, it will go away on its own.
2 recent episodes with Al, apparently sore skin behind the toe pads. Once after 2 long days in rocky desert sand, once after a long day spring skiing, soft snow on crust. Might be sand/snow getting between the pads, rubbing the soft posterior surface of the toes.
I'm going to try Musher's Secret as a preventative and try to find some kind of lightweight bootie for first aid.

Anybody with experience with Musher's Secret in (a) snow and (b) sand, advice appreciated.


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