I'm curious about some behaviors that other corgi owners experience with their own animals. I'm wondering if my dog is something exceptional, or if it just comes with the breed, that way I can definitely be on my toes when I bring in another fuzzchild to the family!

Please rate your corgi on these categories:

1.) Vocalization: 1-5, with 1 being nearly mute, and 5 being very chatty!
2.) Obedience: 1-5, with 1 being very challenging, and 5 being a star performer
3.) Activity: 1-5, with 1 being very lazy, and 5 being a top-notch gogetter!
4.) Appetite: 1-5, with 1 being a self-conscious healthy eater, and 5 being a serious oinker
5.) Social Skills: 1-5, with 1 being a poor sport, and 5 being well-mannered and plays nice

I will start with my own 3 year old corgi and my first dog, Sofi...

1.) 1- Sofi barely EVER speaks, and when she does it's usually if she's been stepped on.
2.) 5- Sofi was incredibly easy to train! Definitely born to please.
3.) 1- Sofi is very laid back, ashamedly to say I barely have time to ever walk her, but she gets along with her arrangement just fine with no destructive behavior and not a single drip of hyperactivity...
4.) 1- I give Sofi an open bowl of food, I fill a big bowl to the brim and she goes and eats about half a cup of food in the morning and half a cup of food again in the evening of her own free will. She's very slim and is in no way over or underweight, at a solid 26 pounds.
5.) 4- Sofi developed some guarding behavior with her food when my boyfriend's voracious and ill-behaved pug came onto the picture; the pug got into the habit of stealing from Sofi's food bowl and eating all her food, so she will stomp the ground if he gets close and barks if he grabs a kernel from her dish. Otherwise, she plays really well at the dog park and with my mother's dog, a westie.

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Hmm, let's see..
16 month old Sidney is:
(1) probably a 2 in vocalization, He's mostly quiet unless he wants to go out, someone is at the door, or else his greeting when we come home, which is adorable!
(2) obedience - 4. He learns very quickly and responds quickly most of the time. His biggest challenge is recall.
(3) activity - 3 I guess. He can lay about when we are, but come walk times he's good to go. At the dog park he does not go crazy but will play with the other dogs.
(4) SId would be a 5 if we let him. That dog will eat anything!
(5) Social Skills - 5 for sure. He loves to play and gets along with everyone so far.
Here's Bella's rating:
1) Bella is maybe a 2. She hardly makes a sound except for when she is frightened of something outside...then her guard dog personality comes out & she'll bark.
2) Obedience would have to be a 3. I'm still working on obedience with her...she can be quite a stubborn little girl. Recall is a no-no for her...she looks at me as if to say "What are you doing?" everytime I call her.
3) Activity is definitely a 5!! Bella is such an active girl...we really struggled when she was a pup, she just wouldnt stop throughout the night. She's alot better now that we got her a friend.
4) With food Bella is a 4. She will probably eat anything, but she doesnt persist like out other dog, so I guess she isn't that bad.
5) She is definitely a 5! She loves everybody and every single dog she comes across. Everytime she meets a new person, her ears drop and her whole body shakes....its so cute! She's very friendly...and I love her for that.
Lola's Rating is...
1.) Definitely a 3 or 4, she wants to protect me from every little noise, and every thing that moves lol. She barks until it stops.
2.) Lola learns very quickly and will do almost anything I ask her to do, but if she is on a "mission" to do what she wants to, no one can stop her. I'd say 3 then because she is so stubborn.
3.) She has her days, sometimes all she wants to do is cuddle, and others she will bring her toy back for fetch a thousand times. Hmm... 3 again lol
4.) 5! She's a pig. If I'm sitting on the couch with a snack she's in my lay all up in my face. If I'm cooking in the kitchen she's at my feet waiting for something to fall out of the sky. She will eat anything at all! But I don't let her =) So she's a healthy little girl.
5.) She's a 2 on this one. Lola is so sweet with people she knows, but if someone comes in the house she has never met, they don't even get a chance. She hates them. We have to meet new people outside before they're allowed in the house. She is VERY good with dogs, except bulldogs, because she doesn't like the way they sound when playing. Like the grunting noises they make lol. I have a strange little dog!
1). 3 - Ginny isn't overly vocal, but will "sound the alarm" when she hears an odd noise. It's actually ok with me. Most of the time, she'll settle back down pretty quick. Also, when she's wanting me to pet her, she'll come sit by me and make a low grumble noise (we call it "whispering")
2) 4 - Ginny was a superstar in obedience class. Attentive and a quick learner. Our biggest pitfall is working around distractions, like children or bunnies (two of her favorite things!)
3) 3 - Ginny loves activity. She loves walks or going to the dog park to get her wiggle out. She'll even run beside me if I'm on my bike. Some of this I attribute to her young age. Winter has been a bit of an adjustment, because our activity level is not the same as it was in the summer, but she's starting to settle into the routine a bit.
4) 3 - She is not a voracious eater at home, but she does beg for food and becomes a little more of a piggy when other dogs are around who might take her goodies!
5) 5 - An absolute social butterfly. She loves other dogs and people and especially kids.
Lets see....KC is a:
1.) 2 probably maybe 3 if she is outside with the other dogs she will bark when playing or if she is mad about being left outside. Otherwise she is pretty quiet. She only occasionally makes any corgi noises. Except her snoring, does that count?
2.) 3 she knows sit and down really well, she recently learned to dance, and is getting roll over. The stay and come/recall is not happening at all. And I guess that down doesn't work when she is out running around to be able to catch her.
3.) 3-4 she has her moments of frapping around the house (almost took out the Christmas tree yesterday) and the yard. She will play her version of fetch, take it away from Levi after he goes to get it and then run the other direction. For the most part she is pretty good about being in the house and lays somewhere. She knows when bed time is and gets up on the bed and cuddles. She sleeps through the night.
4.) I would say a 1-2 on eating. She is very girly about eating lol, she takes a few pieces and then puts them on the floor and eats them one by one. Sometimes she eats the whole bunch at once but usually she just kind of pieces all day or as long as the food is out there before Levi or Trooper eat it for her.
5.) Well a few months ago I would say a definate 5 on this but starting in September she started being a little snarly towards some other dogs, usually smaller ones, and not all the time. She love any person she comes across and is fantatstic with them. And most other dogs, overall I would say a 4.
Gibson is 5 months old..

1.) 2..he rarely barks unless he hears a strange noise (in which case he gives a quiet 'woof') or if he's hyper and bratty he'll do an attention bark. He does a lot of grunting and such though :)

2.) 3.5.. He's getting there. He was the top dog in his obedience class, but I still think he has a ways to go being a puppy and all. He's stubborn when we start learning things but then picks them up quickly.

3.) 3 - He's pretty laid back for a puppy. We go on our 2 walks a day and play for an hour or so and then he's done and wants to lay down the rest of the day.

4.) 5!!! He is obsesssssed w/food. He'll eat anything and everything. I have not seen him turn down one thing. And his favorite place to hang out is the kitchen.

5.) 4, he's very friendly and not overly rambunctious. Although he's a puppy and hasn't had that much experience w/other dogs, so I'm sure there's some things he can work on.
1) 3, although if it weren't for a spray bottle and a strict training regimen Atlas would definately be a 5
2) 1 and 5, Atlas is very well behaved, but when he gets his mind set on something he loves to challenge us.
3) 5 Atlas is incredibly active, people frequently comment on how muscley a corgi he is.
4) 5 This is also related to his training, he loves to steal people food, and throws up sometimes because he wolfs his food down way too fast.
5) 4.5 with a half point taken away for his food aggression issues (although I think its hard to find a corgi that isn't food aggressive around other dogs) but apart from that he thinks everything on four legs wants to play with him whether it be cat or dog.
My 11 month old:

1.) Vocalization: 1 to 2
2.) Obedience: 4
3.) Activity: ranges from 1 to 5 different days
4.) Appetite: 4 to 5
5.) Social Skills: 5

1.) Vocalization: 1-5, with 1 being nearly mute, and 5 being very chatty!
4- not barky- chatty- loves to "talk" the Pulik rate a 10- that would be barking, no let's call it screaming, at everything, especially airplanes, airplanes are evil.

2.) Obedience: 1-5, with 1 being very challenging, and 5 being a star performer
3- since he's a rescue who had never been told "no" I figure we're making good progress.

3.) Activity: 1-5, with 1 being very lazy, and 5 being a top-notch gogetter!
10- high- and I do mean high energy.

4.) Appetite: 1-5, with 1 being a self-conscious healthy eater, and 5 being a serious oinker
4.8- hungry all the time corgi but will not peel the bark off of trees (yet).

5.) Social Skills: 1-5, with 1 being a poor sport, and 5 being well-mannered and plays nice
3.8 he plays nice but will still reinforce his "status" with the Pulik when he feels it necessary. With people he's just a love muffin- although he needs more work with kids. I separate him for meals. When I'm there to enforce the rules there is no food aggression- when left to his own he will chase the Pulis until they drop whatever is in their mouths.
Sarah, are you sure you have a Corgi?! LOL! Quiet and non-active and a healthy eater? Unheard of!

Here's what I would say for my Theo (11 months):

1) 5! Theo is very vocal. He doesn't bark at his shadow or anything, but he loves to make noises to let you know how he's feeling (growling, grunting, sighing, whining, etc.)
2) 1 through 5! It depends on Theo's mood. He has the intelligence for a 5, but not always the motivation. He probably averages around 3 or 4 depending on what I'm asking him to do.
3) 4. Theo definitely needs his exercise (at least 2 walks a day plus fetch all over the house), but he takes lots of breaks. He can't do a marathon with me or anything....not that I could do a marathon myself!
4) 5!!! I can't believe there's a corgi out there that is not a 5. Theo inhales his food, comes to see if I am going to give him any more, then goes back to his empty bowl to lick the flavors for a few more minutes. He loves loves loves food.
5) Probably a 3. He's very friendly up front, especially with people. He has to say hello to everyone we meet. But he can resource guard me a bit, and if a dog is playing to rough with him he will get a bit nasty to get the dog to leave him alone. He overall does very well socially, but he's submissive and can stress out, so he's not always the most playful with other dogs. People on the other hand, he can't get enough of.
You know, to be honest, I think Sofi is unusual not just as a corgi but as a dog in general. I need to do some camcording of a "day in the life of Sofi". As far as her appetite goes, she exhibits general interest in people food, especially apples... But when it comes to her own dog food, I sometimes have to encourage her to eat by sitting down at the bowl with her and feeding her kernels from my hand. There are days when I think she forgets to eat, even, what with the stress of sleeping and pooping and peeing weighing so heavily on her.. LOL
And she's been that way all 3 years? Crazy! Theo likes his kibble mixed in with the other foods I give him (flax seed oil, cottage cheese, chicken, etc.) He's not a big fan of straight kibble either. Can't say I blame him!

Btw, this was a really good idea for a post! ;)


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