My Cody just turned 3 on Monday. I feed him Buffalo Blue and boiled chicken which he's been good with for 2 years. About 2 months ago, I noticed that he was scratching a lot. I bathe him at the neighborhood dog wash monthly and he's never had a reaction to the shampoo. I know he doesn't have fleas, so I thought it may be due to the summer shedding. Today I took him to the dog wash and while I was blow drying him, I could see red blotchy spots all over his back under the thick fur. Could this be a simple heat rash? I can't think of anything that could cause this so suddenly. I feel bad for him, so I'll take him to the vet tomorrow, but still would like some feedback. Thanks!!!!

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Thanks so much everyone! He has an appt. this coming week. He seems to be much better, no Benadryl today. I still can't see any blotches under his fur and I've looked and looked. He did get bit by a mosquito or something inside his thigh under his "pants"....poor guy he keeps picking at that, but it's getting better too.
The "bite" on his thighs was the eczema...not bites. The blotches are all gone on his back.
Well, folks we found out what Cody's problem is! Seems he has a mild case of what we hope is "seasonal" eczema. The vet gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and sent us home with some anti-itch, anti-inflammatory topical spray to be administered 2x a day. It's called "GenOne Spray" for topical lesions. Ever since we left the vet he has not tried to chew or bite at the area on his thighs. Dr. seems to think it will clear up in 2 weeks, if not I'll take him back and they'll put him on oral medication. Hoping this works!

That topical spray is wonderful. Teddy gets an itchy belly and will chew himself raw. That spray will stop it in its tracks. It works even better than oral prednisone. I will only have to spray once or twice and then won't have to do more for weeks.

Yes, Lawren and Teddy, this spray seems to be working GREAT. Cody hasn't chewed or tried to bite or scatch the area since we started with the GenOne. YAY!!!


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