We have thought long and hard about rehoming our little corgi. Unfortunately, with working parents and new children/babies at home, she is not getting the attention that she deserves. My heart is broken, but i know when it's time to throw in the towel. Looking for a good home. She is a GREAT dog, very affectionate, and I love her. She just turned 2 in February and we have all her paperwork.

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Did you get her from a breeder?  Most breeders want you to send the dog back to them if you can't keep it for any reason, so they can make sure she ends up in a suitable home.

What Beth said----contact the breeder first!

I also agree with Beth.  That's how we got Max, he was returned to the breeder...the "new" wife didn't like him so he was returned to his breeder.  Just in time to become my sidekick.


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