I wanted tp say that since my dog was stolen on 12/13/06 that the few contacts i have had with rescues are not very nice. One woman posted my dog on petfinders and then when I went to see if it was really my dog she refused me to see the dog that she had. Told me I "fostered" it out! With the cost of a private detective I never did see the dog she had in her "rescue".
Then about a month ago a neighbor right across the street from me that lives in a very small house was arrested. She had over 60 boxers and other dogs in her house. Never even heard a dog ever bark over there. She had to have debarked the dogs to keep them all that quiet. When I wrote her about my dog she had the nerve to ask me to donate to her financial situation because of legal costs.
To me this world is one big mess. I have my little corgi dogs but I so miss my Bear. He would be 10 years old now and not a young dog. I cannot say for sure who took him or where he went but with all the transporting going on over the country they could have sent him anywhere, Yahoo has listings for transporters! Tons of them.
Rescue is what?
place for homeless dogs to get a home
place to transfer stolen dogs to people for a large amount and then take them back over and over again.
Who made them gods? The grief it has caused is unbelieveable. No sypathy form rescues just nasty attitudes. Why take someones dog and then keep it? Because they can!

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Hi Grace, My heart goes out to you and your dear lost one! I know how losing a dog feels and it's a terrible feeling!

I would like to say that I am a small private corgi rescue and far away from any large rescues but I do not operate like this and I do not believe that many do. We are here to help out the corgis less fortunate and without a good home. At my house several corgis have started out in my shed or garage to assess them and then become a part of my corgi family and live in my house to be a part of my family and learn things that they never knew about. Since I am small I have never fostered them out BUT it's not an easy job when you may get 4 at once from a puppy mill and have to start from ground zero. As for the money...I don't know anyone who gets rich from taking a rescue...if I get my vet bills paid...it is good and then there's food and training and love that the dogs get for free!

Sometimes when I get a call I can only email all my contacts and let them know about an available corgi...which has also worked. I love my rescues for the time they are here and am very selective who gets them as for letting anyone who says I have their corgi...I would be very protective and want to see proof and pictures plus more info before I would let them see a dog I had as it is my job to protect my rescues also!

Again I am sorry for your loss and for the poor experience BUT DON"T assume we are all the same!

Jane Christensen: Weihe Corgi Rescues Wynn
Rescue:To free from danger, harm or confinement and yes to "save". We do take in homeless and unwanted dogs hopefully before too much harm is done to the dog and also dogs that have been family pets but someone may have died or financially can't keep their pet. What good would it do to transfer stolen pets over and over again? WE ARE NOT GODS BUT WE DO CARE!!!!!! Are there some corrupt? Could be butI don't see any huge profit in this! If someone were to call me and be rude I would immediately be cautious! Again I am sorry for your loss and I do understand but I don't know rescuers like you describe!


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