I know there are several posts on reverse sneezing, but I have a question. Noodles has had reverse sneezing episodes in the past, but yesterday's one lasted off and on for 1.5 hours. That was yesterday morning. We got home from work and within a matter of minutes, he did it again, for just a short amount of time. Then he was fine the rest of the night. I could tell all morning long as I was getting ready for work that it sounded like he was going to start back up again, but he didn't. Do you think I should be worried and take him in? He was just seen for his usual check-up 2 weeks ago and all is well with him. Our weather was very mild, but then has dropped considerably. Do you think maybe that is what is triggering it? It isn't like he is having troubles breathing or anything, but I'm curious to know what is going on all of a sudden. Thank you ahead of time for any suggestions.

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Yuki has had reverse sneezing "episodes" that lasted for an entire day, off and on throughout, as well as sneezing off an on for a few days in a row.  To me, Noodles' sneezing doesn't seem like it's something that should be a problem, but that's just me.  Perhaps it's just something in the air?

We had a corgi that would occasionally reverse sneeze.The vet said to try saline drops in the nose and try to get her to swallow.It seemed to work most of the time.It does sound horrible when they do it though.Sometimes it is casued by allergies from pollen in the air.

Thank you for your responses. He did it only once yesterday, but it sounded like he tried to off and on, yet nothing happened. He did it for just a short while this morning and I didn't even have to cover his nostrils before he stopped. Tomorrow is house cleaning, so I will do a real thorough job of cleaning (even though I clean weekly). Hopefully between house cleaning and washing all his bedding again, this might get him to stop. I just feel bad for him.

Pilot had them for about a week, constantly. Within minutes or even seconds. Then he'd not do it for hours, then would start up randomly.
Lemmy has only done is maybe 5 times in total that I know of.
I wasn't to concerned, so long as they were breathing fine: I placed a mirror in front of the nose to see it fog so I cold make sure there was no restrictions in either nostril.
Niether have done it in a while.


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