Hello everyone! I am looking to purchase my first corgi pup and have chosen this kennel for my breeder. I just wanted to check around to see if I could find anyone who knows anything about this kennel or the breeder (Betty Ann Sealy). I have had a very positive experience with her so far, and am hoping to purchase a pup whelped on 6/4/09, but firmly believe in checking around first. Please, if you have heard anything about them, share. Thanks so much!!!

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I had a different breeder, but the sire of my dog was a Pecan Valley dog. I think they have excellent bloodlines and few health problems. I met her briefly as she was coming up to see the litter just as I was taking my new boy home. She seemed very nice and wanted to get a pic of Kodi, even though he was a fluff and non-showable. That shows me she cares about all of her bloodline, not just the show stock.
Our dog came from her. She was very accommodating, arranged the shipping for us, answered any and all questions we had, etc. We haven't had any health problems or anything. Send me a message if you want to know further details I may be able to provide, I'm happy to answer any questions.
Thanks very much for adding to my discussion. Can you tell me, what age did she want you to accept the puppy at? I have asked a few times, but haven't gotten an answer yet. My husband wants us to have our puppy shipped (we live in Iowa - 9 hr drive to Arkansas), but I told him I would rather see the kennel/parents before paying so much. Can you tell me who the parents of your pup are? Is this picture of him?
We got Echo when he was like 9 weeks old, she wouldn't ship him until he was at least 8, which is for the best. Yeah, that's him. He's older now, I haven't added pics in awhile. Thunder (from Pecan Valley) was the sire of his litter, and the mom was a dog from Sisterwood Kennels, I believe. We didn't see the kennel first, but she came highly recommended. I had emailed lots of breeders to try to find a blue Merle, which is what I really wanted, and they all said to check her out.
Wow, that's cool, the father of my puppy's litter is also Thunder. I am not sure which kennel the mother is from, but the mother's father is Draco from Pecan Valley. I had a hard time finding a blue as well, which is how I ended up having to get one from Arkansas. Everybody around here breeds black & whites or sable. All the blues I have seen pictures of from her kennel are very beautifully marked (including yours!).
I was checking out her website, and I am curious: Does she have all 21 dogs listed on her main page on site? Or are some of them placed with other homes?

Lovely looking dogs! I was just curious about the numbers.
I am not sure how many dogs she has on premise, but I think most of them. I am pretty sure when she retires her champions, if she isn't going to breed them, then she tries to find them forever homes. She did tell me she doesn't breed often so that she has homes for all her puppies, so I don't think she keeps very many of the puppies. When I was talking to her, she did mention that she and her friend from Florida often swap dogs to take to shows. I thought that was very interesting. That's how my puppy's litter happened. The dog she was watching for her friend wasn't supposed to be in heat for another 6 mths (according to her friend) and then Oops! You know what happened!
My breeder had a "whoops" litter a month or so before Jack's litter. She had planned on breeding the other bitch in the fall, so when she went into her spring heat she separated her from her stud. She waited what she thought was a more than adequate time (and she's been breeding for 20 years) after her heat was finished to let the female loose with the male. Then she looked out her window one day and said "Are they doing what I think they are doing????" And they were. LOL
Lance is a Pecan Valley Dog as well although we also had a different breeder. Lances Dad is Pecan Valley Avalanche aka Lance...we named Lance after his Dad, although we could not register him with the same name which was fine by us. Lances mom is Lucy. : )


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