Hi! My Fiance and I have a very loveable 8 month old tri colored corgi who LOVES be around other dogs. So we were thinking about possibly getting another corgi (maybe a male?) for her to have as a play mate. I feel bad because I work 3 days a week and then she's alone. We have two cat that have each other and dont pay much attention to her, my fiance and I have each other, and I feel bad like she's the one lone dog of the house. She regularly has play dates with my mothers two puggles and their a pair also. Part of me feels like I'm crazy for considering the extra work for another pet (but is it that much more work?), part of me feels like she'd be so much happier with a buddy, and part of me feels like i'm cheating on my baby for even considering another dog. Maybe she likes being the only dog? Any thoughts/expierences would be greatly apperciated.

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I think it's great having 4 cardigan corgis.  But I gotta be honest with you, we thought having two would require the effort of like 1.5 dogs but it's really like having 3 - each dog + the pair of dogs.  Also, probably more true with 35-40 lb cardigans but walking two dogs at a time can be a real chore to control because the dogs, at least ours, feed off each others bad behavior.  We wanted all females and that's what we went with - for the most part they get along great.   

I have 3 and they do well together (all neutered males). I did find, though, that spacing them a year or two apart was the easiest.  By 12 or 18 months, the training and temperament is well settled and the older dogs can actually help with puppy training, especially housebreaking.


Good luck and enjoy your puppy.


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