I'm just curious, did anyone ever shave their corgi before? What they look like after shaving? Shaving a corgi is it really will change the texture of their coat forever? Are their coloring going to change?

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Franklin had two huge patches shaved when he had muscle biopsies in October and the hair is almost completely grown back in, it looks exactly the same as the hair that was shaved. I was a bit worried because his undercoat is salt and pepper colored while his top coat is black so I thought I would have a patchwork corgi! Its all normal again though, it just took about 3 months
I see~ Thanks for the infor~ Hope Franklin doing ok! Happy new year!


Why would you shave your corgi? Just curious..



I heard it might good for thier fur? or because the summer is too hot?

The fur that they have is for any weather (not too extreme though!), int he winter it helps keep them warm but in the summer it is their air conditioning, and it works well.

Here are a couple of past discussions that have some good info in them:







Don't do it please! It can grow in patchy due to dead hair not having enough weight to fall out on their own the follicle becomes clogged and won't have regrowth. The color and texture can change, it is typically lighter than before. The dog's temperament may change as well due to the dog not being comfortable because of temperature regulations, skin being exposed to the elements, razor burn if clippers got too hot on the skin, and clogged pores. The majority of people shave their dog because they think it will keep the dog cooler (without a dogs coat They cannot properly regulate temperature and in the summer they can get too hot and even get sunburned, in the winter they can get too cold and chapped), others shave their dog because they feel it will eliminate shedding (your dog will still shed, only then will the hair be smaller and poke you!) Please DON'T shave your dog unless they are matted or there is a medical need for it.
I can't imaging what my baby will look like if it really grow in patchy!!!!!!!! Thanks for the infor!! Happy new year!

I'm even wondering if shaving a dog cools it as much as we'd think.  We sweat, so much of our skin cooling is evaporation, not convective cooling (this may be why we lost our hair).  Dog's don't sweat, so without fur, they'll only get more convective cooling, unless you wet the dog.

On this hike, I noticed that although the bugs were literally maddening at low elevation, they were not able to penetrate Gwynnie's thick fur except on her snout:

Nice pic!!!!! Thanks for the infor!! Happy New Year!!  ^-^

Not necessary.  See link below.






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