My 3 year old corgi, Boo has been shedding like CRAZY for about a week or two now. I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this same issue? She sheds year round like the normal corgi, but for the past week it has been worse than ever. Literally she will lay in her chair and there will be small clumps of hair when she gets up.

I read up on corgi's "blowing" their coat, but I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue and if this the right time of year for corgi's to be shedding like that. Other than the shedding she is acting completely normal and has the same energy level as always.


Thanks everyone!

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First, they ALWAYS shed.  LOL.  But a couple of times a year they really blow coat.  Go to  and look up the 'tuffer than tangle" brush.  Get the longest one they have.  Not expensive, but it does a fantastic job of pulling out undercoat and shedding.  We love ours even more than the Furminator.  

Thanks for the link to the brush, we have something just like that that attaches to our vacuum. We use that along with the furminator. I just was shocked at how much she is shedding right now, she hasn't been this bad ever. But she is also full grown now, so I figured maybe she didn't do it as bad as a puppy in the prior years.

I have noticed this too! About the past 2 weeks our house (which is all wood floors) has just been covered and I have been having to vacuum up to every 2-3 days. It has to be that time.

same! but only one of my corgi's are shedding profusely where as the other one is shedding normally.. hmm. odd. LOL

Yah, it could be the time of year for blowing coat.  Mishka actually doesn't shed very much for a corgi, most of the time.  As in, we vacuum every other week and there usually aren't any dust bunnies.  But come fall and spring we get a week or so of white fluff everywhere.

 I usually pop him in the tub for a conditioner bath - quick bath with very diluted shampoo and then thorough rinse.  THEN, work in plenty of conditioner all over.  Let it sit for a few minutes.  Then rinse VERY thoroughly. And make sure you have something to catch the fur from going down the drain.  It doesn't stop the shedding, but it does help the loose fur release in the tub, which lightens the load on your vacuum.

Thanks everyone for their input! Sounds like she is just "blowing her coat". I'm just praying we go back to the normal corgi-shedding soon, she is a little furry monster right now! :)

I actually have a notation in my date book for mid October and mid March as a reminder as to when Tobey usually starts blowing his coat, ha!!!  The worst of it seems to be over now, but now his fur just looks a little raggedy.  I'll be glad when his fluffly winter coat starts coming in.  I second the recommendation about the light shampoo and conditioner treatment, I do that too and it really seems to help a lot.  

Ziggy's fur is OUTRAGEOUS lately! I mean, he was bad before, but just walking through the hall to the front door like three or four times a day he leaves a very visible trail of fur! I thought that it was cold enough that he would be building up a winter coat----not losing it! All of my clothes look TERRIBLE, as I own mostly black tops and bottoms.. To top all of this off, we moved frm OR and I left his brush there and though my grandma keeps saying she'll ship it, she hasn't yet and I could SO use it haha... So, thank you for this reminder! I am going to call her tonight and remind her to! (And maybe throw in some Halloween candy in there for me too-never too old to "trick-or-treat" from grandma hehehe)!

I think the "blowing" of the coat has slowed down this week, thankfully!!! Has anyone tried the Furminator brand of shampoo and conditioner? I was thinking about buying that and trying it out but input is always nice.


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