We've had 3 corgis with two still with us.  Our first corgi, Arthur never had this problem and we had him for 10 years.

Our second corgi, Jake, is a 6y/o red.  Jake has, for years, has this skin problem where he will develop these scabs all over his back, neck and shoulders.  Then his fur will start to come out in small tufts with a piece of scab/scalp attached.  This seems to be seasonal. 

Our 3rd corgi, Duffy, a red headed tri is around 5y/o, is a rescue who we've had for a year.  He too is now starting to loose is coat in small tufts with some scalp attached. 

Our vet, Broadview in Rochester NH, has multiple doctors who we trust and they haven't come up with concrete answer.

The food we use and have used or years is Chicken Soup, Light for Adults.  Their weights are 26 for Jake and 35 pounds for Duffy who's just a bigger corgi with bigger bones.   They also get a fish oil pill.

Can anybody offer significant comments?

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There could be a variety of reasons.

For my Chucky, when he was losing tufts of fur with some skin attached, I noticed that his coat was dry and dull.  I remember my first reaction (besides the mild heart attack) was "What the F*** is this?!"

He wasn't pleasant to pet because his fur felt dry and brittle.  So, I added fish oil like people here say to do.  It did nothing for his coat!

Then I changed his shampoo. I felt the shampoo I was using wasn't doing anything for his coat or skin, and the change was instantaneous. After he dried off, his fur was very soft (and he smelled great!) but, right away there was a difference and he stopped losing fur with skin on it.  His skin was not dry anymore, when I brushed him, there were no flakes or tufts of fur coming off and there  was a shine to his coat.  The condition of his coat lasted until his next bath, which is usually around 1 month or more until his next bath. 

I just like to bathe him more often than he would have liked because I love it when he smells nice.  I don't think he likes smelling nice but, too bad for him.

This is the shampoo that I use.  It's a 2-in-1 (shampoo + conditioner) and I love it!  I've used other shampoos where the shampoo and conditioner was separate and it still didn't make a difference for/to his coat.



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